Brisbane City Farmer’s Market – ginger & shallot beef Stir-fry


Wednesday Brisbane city farmers market

Price & convenience dictate many of our purchases. I don’t mind paying a higher price for quality local products. I appreciate there is higher production cost and the profit margin isn’t backed by high volume sales. Besides, I don’t believe the true cost of my food is represented by a price tag.  Working full-time in the city means my chosen lifestyle needs some level of convenience to food shopping.

I went to the City Farmer’s Market at Reddacliff Place (opposite the Casino). These markets are held every Wednesday. The number of regional produce stalls was encouraging.  Aside from the obvious issue of how to cart my purchases home on public transport, these markets are convenient. You can visit on your lunch break or drop by after work (the markets are open until 6pm).

Organic free range eggs from Country Range Farm - Oakley

This is not an exhaustive list but here is a few stalls I liked:-

  • Rosalie Village Meats – their range included Bangalow sweet pork
  • Kandara Strawberries from Morayfield, Sunshine coast
  • Organic free range eggs from Country Range Farming in Oakey
  • Mary Valley Fruits (limes, passion fruits and tree ripened avocados)
  • Glasshouse Mountain sweet pineapples
  • Australian grown pepper from Silkwood pepper farm near Innisfail, North Queensland
  • The Original Pick-A-Box fresh produce from Woodford.

Freshly picked garlic from Woodford

Kaffir Lime leaves

I had a chat with the guys from the Original Pick-A-Box stall. All of their produce comes from either their farm in Woodford, or neighbouring farms.   The weeks harvest included fresh kaffir, lime leaves, ginger, garlic, herbs, oranges, peaches, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes and avocado .  I was told the ginger was harvested 2 days ago. The garlic had been pulled from the ground the day before. Who could resist such freshness?  I bought ginger & garlic.

Being able to buy freshly harvested produce on my lunch break made my day!

Oranges straight from the tree to you

On Saturday, at the West End Green Flea Markets, I bought organic shallots from the Happy Eden farmers stall.  I love everything they have to offer, especially the carrots, which remind me of my childhood and Mum’s vegie garden. The vegetables are not the image of perfection , but are full of the character that one expects from homegrown produce.

Spring onions from Eden Farm - Altiora

For $2,  I scored a tea-light candle handmade on the farm from 100% beeswax. It is a small family run farm. The family is usually very busy, but are considering having a farm open day for interested  regular customers. Count me in please!

Shopping List

  • 2 heads of garlic ($2.00) – Woodford, QLD
  • 1 whole ginger root ($20/kg) ($1.00) – Woodford, QLD
  • 1 bunch of spring onions (Shallots) ($2.00) – Allora, QLD

Ginger & Shallot stir-fry beef

To save time you can skip the marinade. The simple combined flavour of the ginger, garlic and shallots are equally good on their own.  I marinated my beef in garlic, ginger, dash of soy sauce, squirt of honey and ground black pepper and left for about 4 hours.

Firm, crisp ginger with a beautiful spicy fragrance


I softened the ginger gently over heat then stirred in the shallots until nicely fragrant. Turning up the heat, I added the marinated beef strips. Don’t over cook and save a few diced shallots to mix in at the end.

Ginger & Shallot beef stir-fry served with brown rice


For more details about the Wednesday Brisbane City Farmers Markets click here.

It was super windy when I visited. I can't wait to go back and spend more time browsing then holding on to my skirt!



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