Laidley & Beetroot Dip

My dip got a good rating and even my brother-in-law who is not a fan of beetroot went back for another scoop

My husband and I love to go away for the weekend. Recently, we decided to check out the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers. On the way to the range, we pulled off the highway, to check out the Laidley Country Markets.

The main street of Laidley is quiet and quaint. It’s amazing how the pace of life can change so noticeably, only one hour out of Brisbane.  Laidley is in the Lockyer Valley, an area often referred to as the Salad Bowl of South East Queensland.  The district is responsible for producing the majority of Australian grown beetroot which is exactly what I had come to find.

After a lazy morning, we had a late start to our trip and made it to the markets just on closing time. I wasn’t too fussed, as long as I could still get some locally grown beetroot. Many of the stalls had packed up. Aside from farmers produce, there was an offering of clothes, tools, plants, home-baked treats, jams & furniture.

1/8 of my massive bunch of beetroot. The colours were so vibrant.

I got my massive bunch of Laidley beetroot for $4.

Before continuing our trip, we popped into the Das Neumann Haus.

Located on the main street, this historic house has been restored and is set up as a Museum.   The rooms have been carefully refurnished in the original 1930’s style.  It’s a pretty cool insight into rural life back when the township was first flourishing.

I loved the old kitchen with its wood fired oven and rustic utensils.

In the kitchen of Das Neumann Haus

We enjoyed the old photos and newspaper articles on the walls. Walking up creaky stairs, and standing there looking at an eerily empty children’s bedroom, was a bit weird. Downstairs doubles up as the town’s information centre with a little cafe. It’s not the trendiest spot in town but worth a visit.

From Laidley, we took a few back roads to Gatton.  I love driving past crops and figuring out what’s planted there as we whiz by. It amuses me how excited I am to identify the crop.   ‘I think its cabbages, no maybe that’s broccoli…lettuce, wait..its beetroot..ITS BEETROOT.’  Despite my husbands lack of interest, I know he enjoys my enthusiasm. I insisted that we pull over so I could take a few photo’s.



We made it back to Brisbane to spend Sunday afternoon with my sister, catching up on her recent ski trip.  I made beetroot dip for the occasion.



2 whole beetroot (oven roasted)

3-5 cloves of garlic

tsp cumin seeds (lighted pan roasted)

Natural yoghurt – I used Barambah organics yoghurt

fresh dill

squeeze of lemon juice

    This is so simple to make with a food processor. Oven roast the beetroot for about 1 hour or until soft.  Blend all your ingredients in the food processor.  If you like dip thick & creamy, partially substitute the yoghurt for cream cheese.

    Barambah Organics - All Natural Yoghurt. This is made just up the road from where I live using milk from its own farm at Inglewood, in the Border region of QLD/NSW

    Find a stockist of Barambah Organics All Natural Yoghurt click here.

    Provenance Shopping Basket

    • Barambah Organics All Natural Yoghurt, European Style set in tub (500g) ($4.95) – Brisbane, QLD (Milk from farm near Inglewood, QLD)
    • 1 big bunch of beetroot (about 8 whole beets) ($4.00) – Laidley, Queensland

    Laidley Beetroot Dip

    I plan to share a bit more about our trip to Toowoomba but here is a few pics for now.

    Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers

    I heart Tulips (Laurel Bank Park, Toowoomba)


    A bit of other info

    1. Read a bit more about Herman & Annie Neumann.
    2. A bit of history about the Laidley district.
    3. The Laidley Country Market is held on the 4th Saturday of each month in Ferrari Park, Whites Road from 6.00am – 12noon.

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