Making Pasta – a sister bonding experience

It was a perfect stay-at- home, overcast Saturday afternoon when my sister came over to make some pasta. It didn’t take long for us to develop an efficient two person rhythm to feeding the  pasta through the machine.  Sipping on wine and chatting away, we patiently turned our raw ingredients into silky fettuccine drying on the racks.

Eating fresh pasta is only part of the reward for making it yourself. Spending time with my sister we bonded over the simple therapeutic kneading process and watching the strips surrender to the machine.  It is a process that is not all about the end product. Good things take time.

Provenance Shopping List

  • 1 doz free range eggs, Knotsbury Farm – Wyreema (Darling Downs), Queensland – $5.50
  • 1.5kg Durum flour, Kialla – Toowoomba, Queensland – $6.40/kg
  • 375g jar Ozganics Pasta Sauce (tomato & basil) – Murwillumbah, New South Wales – $5.50

I have already posted about Kialla Flour, which is milled up in Toowoomba.  For my pasta I selected Kialla  Durum flour, which has a gorgeous soft yellow colour. I sourced this from Wrays Organics in Indooroopilly. Most of their Australian organic flour in the large plastic tubs is Kialla Flour, although this is not shown on the label.

I bought  a carton of Knotsbury free range eggs from Superior Fruits in Graceville. Knotsbury Farm is located in Wyreema, on the Darling Downs.  It is home to over 9000 birds and they produce about 3000 doz eggs per week.

Fresh eggs at room temperature is best for pasta

For my sauce I wanted something simple, that would showcase the pasta. I simmered a jar of Ozganics Pasta sauce with some fresh diced tomatoes and basil.

Ozganics is made in Murwillumbah on the Tweed Coast in New South Wales. The pasta sauce is made without using chemicals, artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

My husband has been telling me for years that when it comes to pasta sauce, less is more.  I wish I had some old Sicilian saying to insert here or recipes passed down through the generations, but I don’t.   In fact, I am often teased about being a faux Italian.  I have always had a love of food and a desire to feed anyone in my home. But with a maiden name like Janicke, it was not until I took on my husband’s surname, that people started assuming I am of Italian background.

I guess what I am trying to say is;  yes my name is Isabella Torrisi and I spend afternoons making homemade pasta,  but the truth is,  I am definitely no expert.  To make your own pasta, you don’t have to be. This was my second attempt and it was a spectacular result.

Advice from a pasta making novice – pick good quality ingredients and  invest  time kneading the dough. A supple and slightly elastic ball is easier to work with.

Silky fettucine wth tomato & basil - best enjoyed with wine & friends.


2 thoughts on “Making Pasta – a sister bonding experience

  1. livingdelilah says:

    I thought the fruit shop in Graceville was gone. This is great news. Inspired by your blog, I’m off for some local shopping. Hopefully they have some yummy produce, as it’s been slim pickings since the flood!

    • Isabella says:

      Hi Living delilah – Thanks for your comment and support for my blog. I agree with the slim picking since the flood but looks like most of the regular farmers markets around are back up and running.

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