I heart Pasta Gialla

I first discovered Pasta Gialla on the  Sustain Food website and have been hanging out to try it for weeks. Pasta Gialla is run by partners Emmanuelle and Dario. They are believers in the slow food movement and want to play a part in the renaissance of good food where colour, taste, texture and freshness drive the choices we make about the food we eat.  Their fresh egg pasta is made with ingredients from their own vegetable patch and from local farms and markets in Northern New South Wales.

Browsing their website I instantly fell in love.  I love their passion, that they see quality as flavour and value simplicity. They are a Small Town Chutney dream!

After Australia day we went camping for a few days at Byrill Creek, in Mebbin National Park just past Uki, in Northern New South Wales. This pocket of the world happens to be my favourite place. I love the landscape, the townships, the sugar cane, Mt Warning, the beaches and the strong community spirit. We find ourselves gravitating to this area whenever we have a bit of time off.

High on our agenda was the Blue Knob markets to visit Pasta Gialla. The markets are located at 719 Blue Knob Road at Blue Knob Hall, about 10km north-east of Nimbin and are open every Saturday from 9am til 1pm.  These markets are fairly small but it is a genuine local farmers market with the majority of the goods and produce grown or prepared within 20 kilometres of the Market.

I had a chat to Dario, who told us he used to work as a chef,  but the late hours was no way to live so he and his partner looked at starting their own business. He really wanted to make Gelati but they decided on pasta as this was not so seasonal (although Dario said he personally eats Gelati all year round).

Dario at his market stall. The name Pasta Gialla means yellow pasta, a pasta traditionally made using 30 egg yolks per 1 kilo of flour.

The pasta is all made by hand using traditional techniques and sustainable methods.

I bought:-

  • Osso buco ravioli – made with Coopers Shoot beef, which is slow cooked with organic tomatoes, carrots, red onion and herbs ($11- serves 2)
  • Organic home-grown/dried tomatoes & ricotta cheese ($11- serves 2)
  • Basil Pesto – made with home-grown sweet basil, Summerland extra-virgin olive oil, Boomerang Creek Farm certified organic garlic, macadamia & Italian Parmesan cheese ($6)

This pasta is top quality and we loved every mouthful!

For the complete Pasta Gialla experience I followed the serving suggestion and tossed the Osso buco ravioli through browned butter and sage.

Dried tomato and ricotta ravioli tossed with home-grown basil pesto. Less is more with your choice of sauce and the basil is perfect.

Pasta Gialla is based in Tyalgum,  Emmanuelle and Dario do the northern New South Wales market circuit each week but are also looking at finding wholesale opportunities.

You can find details of where to find them on the website and don’t miss the Blog which has gorgeous photos and stories.

If you come across Pasta Gialla, this is a model business to support. Be part of the renaissance of good food, vote for sustainable practices with your market dollars and you are also supporting so many other regional producers that provide the fresh ingredients.

I miss this pasta and the forests already and can’t wait for our next visit.


3 thoughts on “I heart Pasta Gialla

  1. Benita De Vincentiis says:

    I am so hungry for Pasta Gialla after reading your blog. Fantastic! I remember my Nonna making pasta years ago, fresh, local ingredients if possible from her garden. It’s wonderful to see people going back to these traditional authentic heathly ways. I love it and my Nonna would too!

  2. Emmanuelle Clarke says:

    Your blog is brilliant Isabella – a great insight into eating locally while supporting small food producers and making a difference.
    Thank you for your brilliant write-up about Pasta Gialla.
    We wish you well in your food adventures and hope to see you again soon!

  3. Lee Campbell says:

    Yes, I tasted their products in the early stages in Bali .. when they were organizing promotional materials. They are inspirational and visionary and it is wonderful to see this generation take on a dream with such vigor and do it well. LC

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