Eltham Valley Pantry

A few weekends ago my husband and I did a short road trip around northern New South Wales. With a little map in hand we traversed our way through the hinterland townships and found ourselves at the Eltham Valley Pantry. My husband would interject here and say it was not at all a surprise we ‘found’ ourselves in the car park. I  had been wanting to visit this place and was chief navigator. Eltham Valley Pantry is a working pecan farm with a lovely cafe overlooking the orchard.

The pecans are grown organically and most of the nuts comes from the farm but the supply is also supplemented from local growers. This is the same for their coffee. The day of our visit the cafe staff were flat-out but I managed to have a quick chat to the owner. He said that the last coffee bean harvest was a poor yield as he had put all his energy in to the cafe. So instead the coffee beans are from a local grower in Eltham and also Papua New Guinea.

Enjoying a soy cappuccino on the verandah.

Strolling the pecan orchard

As stated on their website, world consumption of pecans is growing at such a rate that global production regularly cannot meet demand.  So apparently it is a good time to be planting pecan trees. If you are thinking of growing pecans there is a whole page dedicated to growers information on their website. You will also find the cafe hours and information about the tours.

Having never seen a pecan tree, I was surprised how large the trees were. At harvest time the trees are shaken and the nuts swiftly picked off the ground.

The farm and cafe are situated in gorgeous open countryside but unless you book a tour you don’t see much about the pecan production.  As usual we missed the tour time but at any rate booking is recommended. You are however free to wander the orchard and have a look at the trees. In the cafe you can purchase pecan products and other locally produced items. The cafe menu and cake cabinet looked delicious, although having not long had breakfast we only stayed for a coffee. I bought a bag of plain pecans ($6)with a homemade pecan pie in mind but they were all gone well before we got back to Brisbane.

The Eltham Valley Pantry is located at 713 Boatharbour Road, Eltham.


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