The seasonal fig

One of the joys of eating with the seasons is certain foods become an annual treat that become synonymous with that time of year. For me at the moment this is figs. The colours remind me of sunrise  in the country, crisp mornings, wearing scarves and the promise of cooler days. I love the soft pink insides with a hit of orange and deepening purple skin.

I remember my grandparents had a big fig tree next to a windmill on their property in the hills of Perth. We used to pick them soft and ripe from the tree. If you want a juicy, soft,  ripe fig you pretty much have to pick it off the tree.  I recently found out that figs do not ripen after picking.  This means that ripe figs are not supplier friendly as they are perishable and not robust enough to travel excessive food miles.

Last Wednesday at the Brisbane City Farmers Market, I bought a  container of fresh figs from Ban Ban Springs for $6 from the Ainsworth Produce potato specialists stall.  This is a cute stall set up primarily for potatoes but they also stock organic garlic from Toowoomba,  ginger, galangal and turmeric from Eumundi. I had to google Ban Ban Springs – it is up past Gympie.

There are many fantastic savoury and sweet fig recipes for pies and tarts but I prefer to eat my figs raw and unaccompanied.

Just for fun on Saturday morning I mucked around with a few other raw serving ideas.

Breakfast of diced figs sprinkled on Kenilworth organic yoghurt.

I bought the organic yoghurt at the Brisbane City Farmers Market. The plain yoghurt is sweetened with honey. It is the best - I buy a big tub each week.

I was given a set of cute black and white cups with saucers as a wedding present but prefer my coffee in a big mug.  Not wanting them to go to waste the cups are a perfect serving size for desserts and yoghurt.  Maybe its an odd serving choice but then again I use teapots as vases so it’s not unusual for our household!

Yoghurt with fig is an obvious serving idea for raw fig. So I ventured a bit further in my creation.  Firstly I need to introduce you to Backa Small Goods. I will no doubt be raving about these guys a bit as they are creating truly awesome products. All their products are preservative free and the meat comes from either Toowoomba or Beaudesert and is naturally wood smoked.  Even the wood is locally sourced.  Richard makes all the products out of a small shop in Beenleigh but I buy from them at the Rocklea Twilight markets and Brisbane City Farmers Market.

Prosciutto from Backa Smallgoods. This piece cost $7.50

Add a little bit of Barambah Quark

With a drizzle of Lime Balsamic Glaze from Olives You. Olives You have a regular stall at the Rocklea Markets and are one of my favourite market vendors.

And here you have it. Fresh fig stuffed with quark, wrapped in prosciutto and drizzled with lime balsamic glaze. The flavour combination bursts in your mouth!

The time is now to enjoy autumns harvest of figs before they disappear for another year!


One thought on “The seasonal fig

  1. Geraldine says:

    I enjoy the figs too. We bought some fresh figs from the Albany Farmers Market last Saturday but they disappeared too quick for me to be as creative as you.

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