Chook Cam

We are on a protein based weight loss diet at the moment and munching through more eggs than normal.  The other day we ran out and had to restock with supermarket eggs.  In our carton of EcoEggs, my mother-in-law spotted a little ad for ChookCam. This is not an endorsement for this product but I think it is a neat idea worth sharing.


From the  Chookcam on the Ecoeggs website,  you can watch a live camera streaming of the chooks on the farm.

I was initially surprised at how many chooks there are even though the chook density of the farm is pretty good by commercial standards. You can join the waiting queue to have control of the live stream camera to pan around and zoom in or out.

Seeing the chooks that laid your eggs run around a yard, probably doesn’t give the consumer much useful information but it says something about that company. It is a bold move to open your farm practices up for public scrutiny. I like businesses that offer transparency around their products.

This is not a brand I often buy, as the Ecoegg farms are down near Port Stephens in NSW. I prefer to find local eggs. I would have my own chooks if  it was possible in an above ground unit!

Still, I thought the chook cam idea is nifty and fits with the STC moto of knowing the provenance of your food.

Plus chooks are funny creatures to watch.


3 thoughts on “Chook Cam

    • Isabella says:

      Hi Trixie.
      I am usually pretty good at labeling my pics but failed to do so here. The hen in the first picture, was in an enclosure up at Sirromet Winery, Mt Cotton, Queensland. We went up there one sunny Sunday. The pen is next to one of the back car parks.

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