UPDATE: Creating a sustainable banana farm

A little bit of positive feedback goes a long way. I  felt a bit warm and fuzzy when I got an email from Garry Fetherston last month, thanking me for my blog post about his sustainable banana farm project. I visited his farm last November, as part of a Food Connect tour. Garry has embarked on a long term project to convert his conventional banana farm, down in Northern New South Wales, into a bio-dynamic farm.  It seems my review of the farm tour was well received among Garry’s circle, which is a huge positive for him, and also just the motivation I need to keep going.

Since the farm tour in November, the site is coming along swimmingly. According to Garry it looks spectacularly different. Garry has purposely sown Japanese Millet, Pigeon Pea and Lablab Bean to add biology and build up carbon in the soil before planting bananas next year.

Garry has kindly provided me with a few photos of the site. It is always encouraging to see progress!

Photo taken of the project site - November 2011

How the project site looks now (photo taken February 2012)

Lab lab and pigeon pea - these little guys accumulate nitrogen which is unique to legumes.

Pigeon Pea

A lot of thought, planning and not to mention hard labour, is going into this site. I am looking forward to seeing it full of new banana plants when the time comes.


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