Sourced Grocer

Sourced Grocer in the Brisbane suburb of Teneriffe, is what I imagine my Small Town Chutney cafe/shop would look like, if I had one. Some aspects are a little contrived or perhaps more accurately on the trend (i.e milk crate seating). At the same time the ethos and mission of Sourced Grocer is brilliant. Seasonal produce is available to purchase and features on the Cafe menu. The grocer shelves are packed full of local products. It was wonderful to see the delights and creations of  local artisans  stocked in a busy Brisbane shop.  I had picked Sourced Grocer as the location to meet up with an an old friend to say my farewells (Goodbye for now Karen I will miss you!). I wrote this post while sitting at our camp spot in Mallangangee, New South Wales.  My husband and I have decided to reclaim our time and bring back some adventure to our lives.  We quit our jobs and are travelling around this beautiful country for a while.  It was about time that Small Town Chutney ventured further afield.

A modern interpretation of a traditional old style grocer store mixed with urban bunker.

Mmmm beetroot sausages

Sourced Grocer was a fitting place to say goodbye to Brisbane. As I explored the shop, familiar names, products and places popped back at me. My Small Town Chutney explorations of South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales, all in the one spot, in my favourite city.  The seasonal bounty of this part of the world is made wonderfully accessible to city dwellers. Of course some of the pleasure of pulling in at the farm gates to buy it direct from the farmer is lost but you get to switch this for the uber cool experience of being a Hipster. Walk your dog to the store, pay at the Apple laptop cash registers and pull up a milk crate to enjoy the passing parade of regular fans and visitors.


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