Cheap As Chips

Buying from honesty box stalls is perfect for life on the road.  These days we try to get all our fruit, vegetables and eggs from honesty boxes or road side stalls. Why? Because it is cheap, super fresh and more often then not organic. It is a nice way to taste what a region grows well. Plus it is a travelers lucky dip. As you pull off the road you never know exactly what you will find in the stall.

This little stall on The Channon Road, just 200 metres down from the intersection with Dunoon Road (near Dunoon, NSW), is so cute. They sell an unusual collection of produce. We stayed for almost a week in The Channon and stocked up a few times here.

One of the days we stopped by, there was an adorable salad bouquet for $1. It had a number of green leafy vegetables, herbs and edible flowers all tied up in a bunch.

I bought six of these chillies. One was enough to turn any dish into a fire eater. We started adding chilli and tumeric to our dinner leftovers, mixing in a few eggs and doing a stylised version of bubble and squeak for breakfast. Chilli is quite addictive.

I bought some fresh tumeric and arrowroot.

This is something new to me. Apparently Kemiri is used in Indonesian cooking to create a thick sauce that is eaten with vegetables and rice (thanks Wiki). I have some to try.

Arrowroot is a bit of a cross between a potato and an apple. It is juicy and crisp but oxidises quickly once cut open.

After grabbing a random collection of goodies from the stall, we drove a few more kilometres down the road to The Channon and set up camp for the night.

I was excited to do something with my newly purchased arrowroot. I had no internet range to google recipes ideas, so I went with the little hand written suggestion inside the honesty  box to make arrowroot chips.

I used organic olive oil, bought that morning from the Lismore Rainbow Organic Market. Probably not the best burning temperature oil to use for chips but it was all I had.

Lightly salted arrowroot chips ready to eat. Between me and my husband we ate these as fast as I cooked them. Yum!

On a roll I added a bit of sweet potato to the mix.

Chips in The Channon as the sun set.

Coronation Park, The Channon

It was satisfying to cook up the arrowroot so close to where it was grown. I pondered the story behind the honesty box and who else pulled in there each day.

When I was a child, my parents went through a short phase of trying a new food each week. It was wonderful. I remember trying blueberries, lychee and ox tongue. I think that was a fun idea. I can now add Arrowroot to my list and I have Kemiri to look forward to.

Have you ever cooked with arrowroot or Kemiri? What did you make? Or have you tried a new food recently?

Variety is the spice of life I say (and they say).

I am writing this from a little beach car park in Woolgoolga NSW. The sun has now set and my face is glowing in the dark from the lap top screen. It is time for me to go cook up a vegetable curry with lentils.

Have a great weekend all.


3 thoughts on “Cheap As Chips

  1. Lizzie says:

    Did you get to go to the Channon Markets? They have them once a month, I don’t remember which weekend they are on.
    Love the photos. Looking forward to heading to NSW tomorrow.

    • Isabella says:

      Yes The Channon Markets were on that weekend! That was partially why we were there as we travel around and do markets with our business Bridget Bunchy. There is a brilliant earthy mix of stalls at there but I didn’t get out and around to see as much as I would have liked. We had a Koala in the tree behind us which was a highlight. The Channon really is a lovely town.

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