Lismore Rainbow Organic Markets

If you are lucky enough not to be at work on a Tuesday morning, and you are in the Lismore region of New South Wales,  head to the Rainbow Organic Markets. This is a real farmers market where produce from the local region is sold direct off the back of the farmer’s ute.

Beautiful butter lettuce, pretty like a flower. I bought a bottle of organic local olive oil for $5. This is what I used to shallow fry my arrow root chips.

The market is held at the Lismore Show Grounds, every Tuesday morning. After we had finished shopping we brewed up a cup of coffee in one of the nearby pavilions. It was lovely to watch the passing parade of people. Good on you Lismore for supporting your local farmers market! I thought to myself  – who are all these people that don’t work on a Tuesday. Then I realised I was now one of them 🙂

Panforte by Faith Newham.

Mandarin Spelt Bun made by Faith Newham.

This mandarin spelt bun was so awesome. It was our breakfast. We had one each with a slab of butter.

We are on a travelers budget at the moment but we if we are going to splurge on food we prefer to do it at a farmers market.

We also bought a jar of Root Vegetable Kim Chi made by Foods That Heal. We love Kim Chi on burgers. This jar didn’t last long. We even spooned it on hotdogs.

Right now we are sitting in Armidale, NSW,  bracing ourselves for -3 degrees in the morning. We are unsure whether to head inland to Narrabri or down the coast towards Newcastle. Life on the road involves changing our plans every hour. Have a lovely week and I will be sure to keep you posted.


4 thoughts on “Lismore Rainbow Organic Markets

  1. Jeni says:

    Faith’s paneforte is wonderful thank you for the photo it reminds me we must buy more.

    I’m not sure how long you are / were in Armidale – they have a great Sunday market once a month in the mall. Seriously good veggies and home made foods 🙂

    Northern River Dreaming
    (private blog but email me if you’d like access)

  2. Dean Katsavos says:

    It’s Tuesday…I’m not at work. But I am jealous that I’m not at the Lismore Farmer’s market for one of those scones.
    I applaud the decision you guys have made to live such an open-textured adventurous life (even for a little while). And to think we were both ‘stuck’ in the same office at one stage. 😉
    All the best, Is.

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