Seashell Buttons Washed Upon The Beach


Yesterday I received a parcel in the mail accompanied with a hand written note, from one of our gorgeous local artisans called Autumn.

At the moment Autumn is off traveling around Australia, enjoying a nomadic bohemian life for a while. 

Like most makers, there is no such thing as idle hands. So while she drives and boats her way around the country, Autumn continues to knit and make the loveliest things.

Periodically I receive a parcel of her latest work to sell in my shop.


Autumns products are extremely well made and use good quality luscious wool she finds in op-shops and from old jumpers.  She adapts patterns, re-invents clothes, free style knits and is the queen of using the resources she has at hand.  Every package is diverse, interesting and unexpected.

Yesterday’s parcel is particularly endearing, I just had to share:-   

  • There is a set of three baskets made using small pieces of scrap yarn. 
  • A denim bag made using pockets from a pair of old beach shorts. When I looked closely I noticed little beach stones and pieces of coral had been used for buttons. 
  • A hat made with scrap yarn and a doilie.
  • A cape/poncho, scarf and beanies made by cutting up and upcyling an old jumper.  

And my favourite inclusion is three seashell buttons that Autumn found on an old ugg boot washed upon the beach.   



For the past six weeks Autumn has been relishing the coastal life in Port Headland (Western Australia). There is a distinct beachy theme to these new products.



Holding her items I can feel the freedom of walking up long stretches of beach in her designs, as if I am tagging along with her on the adventures. I imagine knitting in the sand and by a camp fire and wandering up the shores, bending down to pick up rocks and washed up coral. The neutrality of the knitted poncho, scarves and beanies matches the soft tones of beach sand and granite rocks.




Nothing beats a great story behind a handmade product and every piece is tactile and gorgeous.

I am having a hard time not buying it all for myself.



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