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5 Worst Foods To Eat At A BBQ

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Barbecuing is a terrific way to socialize while also enjoying delicious meals. Usually, it tastes so fantastic that you can’t stop yourself from ordering seconds, thirds, and fourths.

Unfortunately, not every BBQ is created equal. If you’re trying to lose weight or decrease your cholesterol, BBQ meals might be highly unhealthy and derail your efforts.

Here are the top 5 worst things to consume during the summer BBQ season.

1. Bratwurst

Bratwurst sausage is a summer barbeque favorite that is tasty, juicy, and unhealthy. A four-ounce bratwurst has 300 calories and 25 grams of fat!

With only one bratwurst, you’ve consumed 33% of the daily recommended fat consumption.

The FDA suggests that the typical individual restrict their calorie consumption to 2,000, yet you’ve already consumed 15% of your daily calories with that one bratwurst.

And this information is based on the assumption that you are just consuming the bratwurst. Most of the time, you’ll have a bratwurst with a bun and a variety of condiments including ketchup, mustard, mayo, relish, chili, and the list goes on.

The bottom truth is eating bratwursts might jeopardize all of your hard work to be in shape. Bratwursts are one of the worst BBQ dishes.

2. Hamburgers, Buns, and Toppings​

Has there ever been a BBQ when there were no hamburgers? Most likely not. However, if you are looking to lose a few percentage points of body fat, it may be a smart option.

A 4 oz. hamburger has 280 calories and 22 g of fat. When was the last time you saw someone eating a hamburger without a bun?

Perhaps you did when you were two, but hamburger buns are just as crucial as the meat itself. Melted cheese, of course, is essential to some.

Many folks will butter the bread and toast it till golden brown.

Consider the following: A buttered bun has 160 calories and 6.5 grams of fat. Swiss cheese includes 150 calories and 13 grams of fat per slice. A whole hamburger with a bun and melted cheese has 590 calories and 41.5 grams of fat, without including any additional condiments. Those are staggering figures.

4 teaspoon of fat.Have you ever considered what a gram of fat looks like? One gram of fat is about comparable to one teaspoon.

So, with 41.5 grams of fat, the hamburger and all the condiments are equivalent to 10 teaspoons of lard. With that in mind, it’s probably not a stretch to assume that hamburgers should be avoided.

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3. Potato Salad

Yes, your grandmother’s favorite summer side dish is on the menu. Because the nutritional values of potato salads differ from family recipe to family recipe, we will examine the nutritional values of a generic recipe provided by a well-known mayonnaise company.

Hellman’s recipe yields an 8-ounce portion of potato salad with 300 calories and 21 grams of fat. Did your mouth drop open? This nutritional information is even more impressive when you consider that potato salad is just a side dish.

Combining a hamburger or bratwurst with a little piece of potato salad is like to dropping a nuclear bomb on your health objectives. If you must consume it, only do it once a year.

4. Turkey

Turkey is a lean white poultry meat that is high in nutrients. It is part of a balanced diet since it is low in fat and rich in protein. This list isn’t only of unhealthy meals to avoid at a barbecue; it’s also of items to avoid during a barbecue.

Turkey is often dry to begin with, which is why brining the turkey to promote tenderness is frequently recommended.

Turkey is not a frequent barbecue cuisine, but there are many recipes and adventurous barbecuers out there, so you could come across some grilled turkey.

But why should you avoid grilled turkey? Dry. Death Valley is parched. If you believe your Thanksgiving turkey is too dry, try making turkey jerky using grilled turkey.

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To fit in a closed grill, most turkeys will need to be halved or butterflied, like in the method above. When you cut through the skin and into the flesh, you create a spigot for the fluids to escape.

Most recipes call for brining the turkey for at least 24 hours. Even if you use a brine, you must pay attention to the other elements to prevent a dried-out turkey.

Is grilled turkey always a disaster waiting to happen? Not quite. Barbecued turkey may be cooked to perfection in the hands of an experienced and mature barbecue pit master. It is entirely up to you whether you will ever attempt grilling turkey.

5. Mixed Drinks and Beer

Something is wrong with a barbeque that does not provide alcoholic drinks for the adults to consume. The most common beverage seems to be beer, although mixed cocktails, especially those created with sweet mixers and soda pop, are common.

32) * 12 = 225).Consider the margarita, a delicious blended drink. A standard mammoth-sized 32 oz. margarita (are there more kinds?) has 600 calories. Ok, 32 oz. is a little excessive; a usual serving size is a 12 oz. margarita, but even that has 225 calories ((600

And you know that drinking just one margarita in one sitting is probably impractical, so you may want to skip it entirely.

Is beer as harmful as mixed drinks? Beer, it turns out, is a healthier option to a mixed cocktail.

A 12-ounce can of Coors Light has 104 calories and 2.4 grams of carbs. A single Coors Light contains half the calories of a margarita. And the beer does not have to be light; Sierra Nevada’s Summerfest Lager has 158 calories.

Try some spicy vegetable juice if you’re seeking for a healthy choice for a drink during a BBQ!

Healthy Option? All-Beef Hot Dogs!

It would be wrong to write about BBQ without including hot dogs.

Surprisingly, an all-beef hot dog is an excellent option for a BBQ. 180 calories and 17 grams of fat are included in a 2oz all-beef hot dog. Add in a bun with 110 calories and 1.5 grams of fat, and the hot dog remains a more appealing choice than a hamburger or bratwurst, assuming you can restrict your consumption to one hot dog, which may be tough.

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Make careful you choose all-beef hot dogs. Grocery shops often sell an all-beef kosher hot dog brand. Avoid non-all-beef hot dogs like the plague since a 2 oz portion of generic hot dogs can treble your calories.


What not to bring to a BBQ?

A cheese platter.
Beer that is dark and extremely carbonated.
Eggs deviled.
Beverages in glass bottles.
Prepare desserts.
Only flavored chips.So, if you want to prevent melting goodies and food contamination, try to avoid offering these foods at your next barbecue.
Food in cans. Berenyi, Anthony

What is the healthiest thing to eat at a BBQ?

BBQs don’t have to be associated with bad eating habits. Grilled fish, vegetable skewers, grilled chicken breast, turkey burgers, and grilled fruits are the five healthiest BBQ dishes, proving that you may enjoy wonderful, substantial BBQ meals without compromising your health.

How would you avoid getting food poisoning at a BBQ?

Handwashing and cleaning utensils and surfaces
Hands should be properly washed with soap and hot water before and after cooking and eating; this is especially crucial if you have handled raw meat or firelighters.
Keep food covered and refrigerated until ready to cook on the grill.

What is the most common BBQ food?

Beef is the most popular meat to grill.

There are several cuts of beef to pick from, each with its own softness, marbling, and cooking style.

What is good food to bring to a BBQ?

15 Quick and Easy BBQ Recipes
Corn on the cob grilled. Foodie Crush is the source.
Salad with tomatoes and avocado.
Sandwiches with fruit and cream cheese.
Salsa de Peaches.
BBQ Ribs with Raspberry Chipotle Sauce.
Casserole with Cauliflower, Macaroni, and Chicken.
Salad with Summer Strawberries, Spinach, and Avocado.
Burgers with blackened salmon and herb cream cheese.

What do cheap people bring to a BBQ?

Potato salad, rice (or another grain) salad, or pasta salad spring to mind when you’re seeking for something tasty yet inexpensive. These meals make good use of affordable ingredients.

What is the healthiest side at a BBQ restaurant?

Choosing lighter sides is the best method. Look for salads, seasonal vegetables, or vinegar-based coleslaw that don’t include a lot of butter, cheese, or mayonnaise. The simpler, the better. If necessary, you may always add your own butter and salt.

Is barbecue healthier than fried chicken?

Grilled chicken, when cooked properly, provides superior health, nutrition, and flavor versus fried chicken. Fried chicken takes oil to cook, which is its primary health disadvantage. Any dish prepared with it has a high fat level, calories, and salt content.

Is BBQ OK for weight loss?

Barbecued cuisine, which is prepared in a similar manner to grilling, might be a good option if you’re attempting to lose weight. That means you just need to oil the grill rack and not the food! On the negative, most barbecues have an excess of food and drink, making it easy to overeat.

What is the danger zone for BBQ?

Because smoking cooks food at low temperatures, the meat will take too long to thaw in the smoker, enabling it to stay in the “Danger Zone” (temperatures between 40 and 140 °F), where hazardous germs may develop.

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