I started Small Town Chutney while living in Brisbane in my 20’s. It was my way of sharing adventures in food, centered around knowing the story behind a meal, the provenance, producers and recipes. I was wildly passionate about food miles, transparency and food revolution.

Then one day I turned 30. My husband and I threw caution to the wind, quit our jobs, bought a campervan and travelled around Australia for 10 months. I created a little designer label called Bridget Bunchy and sold my handicrafts at markets. Our recycled materials and eco ethos became our point of difference in a trending handmade resurgence.

Eventually we became exhausted from a long baking hot summer and the stress of making a living on the road (out of a van) and decided to visit family in The Granite belt region of Queensland for Christmas. This was over 3 years ago. The campervan has now gone, we have identical twin daughters and Bridget Bunchy has materialised into a thriving recycled gallery shop on the fruit run tourist drive in The Summit.

Small Town Chutney barely got a look in to my new busy shop mum life. But I missed the sharing and the adventures. One thing I noticed with my Bridget Bunchy label was a collective conscious of people. A certain type of person loved and appreciated my design style. Even though I primarily sold bags and artisan jewellery, customers opened up to me about organic food, natural living, vegie growing, sustainability, consumer transparency, creative business, artistic projects, food miles, mass wastage, social inequality, environmental issues and the sheer love and desire for simple good things. I was part of a community of people with shared beliefs, desires and style.

For years I wanted to find the connection between Bridget Bunchy and Small Town Chutney. Align these two online identities of mine. Roll in the new year and I finally got it. Small Town Chutney is not about food and Bridget Bunchy is not about things. They are both about values. The same values. They don’t need to be joined – they are the same thing. Values that cross through all areas of life. I think that people that loved my original Small Town Chutney will love Bridget Bunchy and vice versa.

So this year, 2016, Small Town Chutney has evolved into a space where you will find stories about the provenance of both food and good things. Things that interest me and food to enjoy. Hopefully my tales will resonate with you and inspire.

Lets rock 2016 like the recycle loving, story telling, good food munching, adventure seeking, homespun making citizens of the world that we are. Stand with me in defiance against mass produced junk and unsustainable living. Find beauty in the discarded and enrich your life with good food and things with heart and soul. Let your magnificent style radiate hope into the world.

We are community and community is us.


About Me

Hi, I’m Isabella Torrisi, a lover of food and good stories, wife and mother to identical twin girls. I started Small Town Chutney while living in Brisbane in my 20’s. My husband and I used to balance city living with regular weekends away, exploring south east Queensland and northern New South Wales. We pulled over … Continue reading About Me


2 Small Town Chutney is about knowing the provenance of your food. I like to trace the food I eat back to the source. I love a brilliantly made gourmet meal and appreciate fine food but what I believe in is uniting the pleasures of food with responsibility, sustainability and making a connection to the … Continue reading Philosophy


3 Isabella Torrisi smalltownchutney@gmail.com facebook.com/smalltownchutney Ph 0418 957 227 If you have any suggestions for places to explore, products to try, ideas to digest, events not to miss or a really good story about food – I would love to hear from you. Some of the best things are shared by word of mouth. Just … Continue reading Contact

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