Small Town Chutney is about knowing the provenance of your food. I like to trace the food I eat back to the source. I love a brilliantly made gourmet meal and appreciate fine food but what I believe in is uniting the pleasures of food with responsibility, sustainability and making a connection to the community and the environment.

I want to inspire people to think about where their food comes from and what the real cost is. Small Town Chutney is about giving back power to a consumer, providing information and resources, so that food choices are conscious and informed.


2 thoughts on “Philosophy

  1. the good soup says:

    Hi Isabella, it’s so great to find you. I’m also in Brisbane and write a blog, AND, I’m all about provenance too! It’s going to be such a pleasure to back read all your posts.

    • Isabella says:

      Hi Angela. I am glad you found me too because I LOVE your blog. I just had a sticky beek around. I love that in your cooking classes you use organic, seasonal and ethically sourced products. I love your skills section. I grew up with a more adhoc cooking approach which has been passed on to me. I rarely use cookbooks or follow recipes and just kinda wing it. I take this approach in most aspects of my life and well it seems to work so far. But I have respect/envy for really clever people with traditional culinary skills. I can’t wait to make your chicken stock. I am definitely going to learn a lot from your skills section. I also love your Issues section. Thanks for stopping by Small Town Chutney.

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