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Hi, I’m Isabella Torrisi. I was born and raised in Albany, WA. I moved to Queensland when I was 19 and lived in Brisbane for 10 years. Right now I am traveling around this magnificent country in a camper van, having the adventure of my life.

When I bought my first car, my husband and I took off and spent most weekends driving around south east Queensland and northern New South Wales. We pulled over at honesty boxes, enjoyed delicious breakfasts and soaked up the earthly vibe of regional farmers markets. On our drives we discovered such a plentiful supply of regional products and vibrant characters.

I started this blog to showcase the awesome variety of Australian products available and provide a useful resource for the consumer. I don’t operate under any strict food mile rules or profess to be an expert. I look for quality, seek out useful information and enjoy things a little off beat and fun.

My childhood was rich and full growing up in Albany, WA. We lived near the beach, sharing the property with my Mum’s parents. I fondly recall Oma and Opa spinning wool that had been hand dyed with plant based dye in a big pot outside. Opa would weave rugs on a loom in their lounge room. We had chooks, a substantial vegetable garden, a laden lemon tree and no TV. My family is a little bit quirky (me too) but I attribute my imagination to spending my days outdoors roaming the countryside on camping and sailing adventures. If I was hungry after school mum would say go eat a carrot from the garden. It was totally normal for me to munch on a carrot that I had ripped out of the garden and washed under the rainwater tap. For mum, using homegrown produce in cooking was more about providing economically for our family but I am grateful for this early exposure to cooking and eating produce in season. Sitting down at the table each night Mum would proceed to point out what in our meal had come from her garden.

Where ever I am on the open road, I will be bringing you stories of my culinary adventures.