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Best Knife Brands in the World – Buyer’s Guide for 2023

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Trying to find the finest kitchen knife? With so many possibilities, it might be tough to choose a brand that provides a high-quality blade at a fair price.

In this post, we will look at the top knife companies and some of their greatest blades.

While German and Japanese knives are often lauded as the greatest, there are some manufactured in the United States that may rival.

Although some of the knives are not inexpensive, you may be confident in their quality by researching people who have bought from these manufacturers before you. Here are the top knife brands in the world, in our view.


Wsthof is based in Solingen, Germany. It has been in the family for seven generations, dating back to 1814. It is a premium manufacturer that competes with Henckles and Global.

Martha Steward, Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, and Emeril Lagasse have all used Wsthof knives.

The Classic and Grand Prix series are Wsthof’s top-rated lines, although all of their forged knives are superb. They provide a number of choices for bolster and tang length, as well as handle structure.


In the late 1970s, GINSU took over the airways, pioneering many of the strategies associated with the current infomercial.

Their commercials were among the first to employ now-ubiquitous catchphrases such as “Call now!” Operators are on standby! but hold on! There’s much more!

Between 1978 and 1984, the GINSU brand was a huge success, selling over two million units.

GINSU knife sets have received a lot of honors since 2011. Theyre sharp, long-lasting, and very affordable; a GINSU set may cost as low as a fifth of the price of a single competitor’s knife.

J.A. Henckels

In 1818, J.A. Henckles founded its first commercial branch in Berlin. It is one of the world’s oldest cutlery producers, with roots dating back to 1731.

Henckles now provides a wide assortment of quality knives for various price points.

While their stamped, mass-market goods stand out, Henckles’ German-made forged knives are superb.

They are commonly produced in a single piece of ice-hardened high carbon stainless steel! and have bolsters that have been increased and the balance has been carefully examined.

Their traditional knives are not as sharp as something like a Shun, but they keep their edge brilliantly and are fairly priced.

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Shun (rhymes with swoon) is well-known among cutlery fans. It sells gorgeous, handmade knives made via a process that includes more than 100 stages.

Its knives are well-known for their sharpness, beauty, and durability.

Shun knives may be rather costly. A single chefs knife from a rival may cost more than an entire knife block. Enthusiasts will tell you that this is the only knife you’ll need for years, and its distinctive design will draw notice.

Many of their chefs knives are a little broad at the heel, which some customers dislike.

Shun provides exceptional warranties and customer service.

Chicago Cutlery

Chicago Cutlery began in 1930 as a knife repair and conditioning business that serviced to Chicago’s butchers.

When they realized a need for sharp, high-quality knives in the culinary business, they eventually switched into manufacturing.

After over 40 years of servicing to the meat and poultry sectors, they started developing goods for the home kitchen in 1969.

Knives by Chicago Cutlery are intended to be comfortable and balanced while keeping an edge. Their carbon steel line is good, but it is prone to rust if not properly cared for.


Victorinox, founded in 1884, has been selling knives to the Swiss army since 1891. Since 2005, it has been the only proprietor of the Swiss Army Knife brand.

The company claims to have never fired an employee. Astronauts and polar explorers utilize Victorinox knives.

They also possess the Forschner brand, however they have only produced Forschner knives under the Victorinox label since 2011.

Forschner knives are often suggested as one of the finest home chef beginning sets.

Victorinox manufactures a variety of high-quality stamped cutlery. Their totally forged products are made in Solingen, Germany.


Yoshihiro has been a top knife producer in Japan for over 100 years. They expanded to Beverly Hills in 2008 and started serving the worldwide market.

They sell high-quality, handmade artisan knives in a wide range of distinctive designs.

Yoshihiro has some of the most beautiful knives on the market. They are usually sold with simple wooden handles, and although they are manufactured of high-quality steel, they aren’t as sharp right out of the box as you would anticipate.

Consider hiring a sharpening service or keeping some water stones on hand to get the edge where you want it.

Global Knives

Yoshida Metal Industry began in 1954 as a maker of hollow-handled knives and has since expanded.

They introduced what is now known as Japanese steel, a rust-resistant alloy that is especially simple to sharpen, in a distinct product line geared for the Japanese market in the 1960s.

In 1983, a designer named Komin Yamada combined these concepts to create an iconic series of knives that started the Global brand.

Global knives are tougher and thinner than European blades. Metal handles and knife blocks with black dimples are used. Globals knives are substantially lighter than their competitors due to their unique build.

Some Global knives have an asymmetric grind, which means that only one side is sharpened. This is a manner used by traditional Japanese cooks, however it requires that the knives must be handled strictly right or left handed.

Mercer Culinary

Mercer Culinary, a long-time provider to culinary students and instructors, now sells supplies for residential kitchens as well.

For almost 30 years, their knives have been a favorite among aspiring cooks. They are of great quality, easy to use, and reasonably priced.

Their Genesis line stands out for its outstanding value for money. However, like other high carbon steel knives, they may rust or discolor if not properly cared for.


Calphalon, a pioneer in the creation of hard-anodized aluminum cookware for residential kitchens, entered the cutlery market in 2002.

They sell a variety of items, including Japanese steel knives and entire knife sets.

Check the metallic makeup of each Calphalon set you purchase carefully.

While some of their less expensive alternatives are made of soft steel and will not maintain an edge, they also offer fully-forged pieces made of high grade steel that will compete with any mass market brand.

Calphalon sells a variety of knife sets that have built-in sharpeners. These sets have a detachable ceramic system that sits on top of the knife block and automatically sharpens your blades as you store them.

While this will not completely replace regular knife maintenance, it will help them hold their edge for a little longer.

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