Birthday surprises at Apples on Ainsworth

Love that blueI love surprises and my birthday this year was full of them.  My husband is very talented at finding  me the perfect present. It is usually something I have never heard of but within a week, I don’t know how I lived without it.  For example, the memory card that wirelessly uploads photos from my camera to my laptop.  This year along with conventional cute gifts of earrings and pajamas, he bought me a Kindle.  More about that another post.

Back to surprises. Another talent of my husband is his ability to find cool places.  Arriving home one evening, he showed me the Apples on Ainsworth blog and facebook page. Apples on Ainsworth is a  cute little produce shop and cafe in Salisbury, Brisbane.  That Saturday (my birthday) we decided to start the morning with a visit.

Salisbury is a pleasant suburb  wedged in a semi industrial area. It is a surprise  to find a shop like Apples on Ainsworth tucked away in the back streets of Salisbury. Judging by the crowd in the store on a Saturday morning, it is a much welcomed surprise.

Apples on Ainsworth sells 100% Australian produce with a preference to local seasonal fruit and vegetables. The fridge is stocked with an assortment of local products, plus the cafe serves coffee from Byron Bay. It is a rarity to find a cafe that sells local coffee.  That in its own right is enough to get my patronage.  It is a bonus that the shop is kitted out with retro vintage displays.

It has a bustling  homely kitchen feel, as though you have stepped into another era.  I love the odd collection of footpath seating, with the mix of recycled decor, mugs and cups.

The place was kicking when we arrived around 9am on Saturday morning. There were no free tables, so instead we skipped breakfast and grabbed a takeaway coffee. It didn’t matter as we wanted to see a morning screening at the cinemas and were a bit pressed for time anyway.   I got to take a bunch of photos and sticky beak while we waited for the coffee.

The pantry shelves are stocked with great local products, including Nine Owls Tea and Byron Beans. Nine Owls Tea is a Brisbane-based boutique tea maker, some of the organic herbs are grown on their own farm at Kobble Creek, QLD.

Next time I will have to try something from the cabinet, it all looks so inviting.

Apples on Ainsworth is the sort of shop I wish I lived next door to.

Our quick visit was the best start to a day full of birthday fun.

Its encouraging to see a business that embraces the seasonality of our food and supports local producers.

You can find it at shop 12/36 Ainsworth Street in Salisbury and it is open:-

Mon – Fri 7.00am – 6.00pm

Sat 7.00am – 2.00pm

Things are constantly changing, with new menu introductions, products and even shop re-decorations. To keep up to date, check out their facebook page.