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Samsung NX58H9500WS Slide In Gas Range Review

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Samsung produces a wide selection of appealing ranges and stoves. If you’re thinking about installing a new range in your kitchen, should you go with a freestanding type or a slide-in one?

Both have comparable functionality; however, we believe the Samsung model (#NX5889500WS) is more sleek and appealing.

You may benefit from installing the slide-in model with the accompanying gap filler strips, which produces a more consistent and bespoke look in the kitchen.

In this Samsung gas range review, we will go through the advantages and disadvantages, features, and overall value of this slide-in range.

Samsung Slide In Gas Range Features And Components

  • 30 slide-in gas range
  • 5.8 cubic feet capacity
  • 5 sealed gas burners (18000 BTU max.)
  • Warming drawer
  • Self-cleaning
  • Propane compatible
  • Easy touch-screen controls
  • Stainless Steel Stove

5 Sealed Gas Burners

The NX58H9500WS features five burners that produce varying BTU levels for customizable heating. There are two that are 9500 BTU, one that is 5000 BTU, one that is 15,000 BTU, and one that is 18,000 BTU.

The middle burner has a reversible cast-iron griddle. To allow for rapid cooking of items such as bacon, steaks, and pancakes, one side is ridged while the other is flat.

The innovative Samsung wok grate comes with a round bottomed wok for a number of fascinating cooking possibilities.

The burner grates are all cast-iron, and the central burner is round to accommodate the griddle.

True Convection Oven

The gas oven has a convection function that circulates air throughout the oven for rapid and tasty cooking results. The oven itself is large, measuring 5.8 cubic feet.

There are three adjustable oven racks provided. One is a split rack, which allows you to put food in the oven with considerable versatility.

The delay-bake feature enables you to configure your cooking hours so that you may start preparing supper even if you are not at home!

This range has an auto oven shut-off mechanism for safety, which shuts the oven off if it is mistakenly left on for a prolonged length of time.

The huge oven glass and the effective and efficient inner oven light make it simple to observe how your dishes are going. These capabilities enable you to keep an eye on your cuisine without sacrificing oven heat.

Warming Drawer

The warming drawer has three temperature settings, allowing you to preserve all of your dishes at the right serving temperature until it’s ready to serve.

A specific and distinct Sabbath mode lets you to preserve meals at acceptable temperatures for extended periods of time, allowing you to securely make and keep kosher dishes ahead of the Sabbath.

Touch Screen Controls

Like other ovens, the burners are controlled by knobs. However, owing to the glass touch-screen, controlling the temperature of the oven is simple and efficient.

Cleaning Features

The line has an appealing stainless steel finish that is simple to maintain. It is essential to clean using stainless steel wipes to prevent scratches and undesirable blemishes.

The self-cleaning oven makes cleanup fast and simple. The oven racks are additionally covered with a unique film that allows them to be easily cleaned.

Samsung 5 Burner Gas Range Pros And Cons


This Samsung product is appealing in style, offers numerous helpful functions and accessories, and an easy-to-use touch panel.

The look of this line is one of its primary selling points. It has the appearance of a much more costly range with plenty of bells and whistles.

Although the slick stainless steel surfaces are appealing at first, you may realize that these surfaces scratch quickly after lengthy usage.


If you like baking, you will appreciate the convection option; nevertheless, the performance of the gas oven may not be what you anticipate if you have never used one before. Cooking with a gas stove often produces hot areas that prevent consistent baking.

A simpler and less costly freestanding range would be more suitable for professional uses.

The oven temperatures are not even adequate, whether using gas or convection, to meet the standards of a professional kitchen. In this situation, the fowl may not brown enough, and batches of biscuits and cookies may cook at various speeds in different regions of the oven.

Furthermore, we are dissatisfied with the 5000 BTU burner’s low power. Of course, utilizing one of the other, more powerful burners is always an option!

Sauces and other foods that need a lower temperature should be cooked on the lower burner. We believe it is more of a gimmick since all burners are already individually regulated.

If you are unfamiliar with contemporary technologies, you may find that the touch-screen controls are too sensitive. The controls are situated in such a manner that someone passing by may accidently activate or change them.

The Bottom Line

In the end, it seems that the Samsung NX5889500WS is a good-looking gas range. While this gas range should be strong enough for most household kitchens, it falls just short of being ideal for professional use.

For these reasons, it seems that this slide-in range may be an excellent option for the ordinary home chef looking for a really elegant, all-around appliance with a lot of adaptability.

This product may not be the ideal option for skilled cooks and chefs.For more critical situations,


Are Samsung gas ranges reliable?

When it comes to repair, Samsung and LG are the most dependable and affordable brands.

Is Samsung good for stoves?

Samsung manufactures some of the greatest ovens and electric ranges available. Because the costs are reasonable, most homeowners who want to update their present models may afford Samsung devices. Consider adding a Samsung appliance to your home.

How much clearance does a Samsung gas range need?

8″ Min. Max.2″ – 2853″ 28116″) minimum depth from the stove to any flammable surfaces, including the upper edge of a drawer placed below the cooktop. Minimum vertical clearance from the stove bottom is 16″ (or 39 cm).Allow 7

Why is my Samsung gas stove popping?

Gas valve failure

The gas valve regulates the flow of gas into your igniter. If your gas valve is broken, it may allow too much gas to enter the igniter. This results in a puffing or popping sound.

How long do Samsung gas ranges last?

Most ovens, cooktops, and ranges have a lifespan of roughly 10-15 years. You’ll never appreciate a perfectly functioning appliance unless one of your own breaks down. Updating your appliances can not only make your life easier, but it will also help you save money.

Is Samsung better than GE?

In terms of energy efficiency and pricing, GE is a superior choice for refrigerator customers. The firm takes significant efforts to include energy efficiency into their goods, and they provide a broad range of pricing points. Samsung’s refrigerators are loaded with more amenities, but they are more expensive.

Is Samsung oven better than LG oven?

LG and Samsung Product Lines

For one thing, LG ranges generate heat from the back, but Samsung does not. This means that LG ranges spread heat more uniformly, making them more effective for baking and roasting items in the oven.

Are Samsung appliances high quality?

Samsung ranges, ovens, and cooktops topped this kitchen appliance review category. The Samsung range garnered particularly good marks for dependability and performance, as well as pricing and features.

Are Samsung appliances high end?

Samsung set out to dominate the household appliance industry, and they succeeded. With futuristic designs and an unwavering commitment to incorporating the latest cutting-edge technology, it’s no surprise that they are one of the most sought-after high-end brands in North America.

How long should a gas range last?

Gas ranges have the greatest life expectancy of any major item in a home: 15 years. Dryers and refrigerators have a lifespan of roughly 13 years. Compactors (6 years), dishwashers (9 years), and microwave ovens (9 years) are among the appliances with the lowest lifespans.

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