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The 5 Best Kitchen Shears To Buy In 2023

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While many individuals keep a battered pair of scissors in their kitchen drawer for opening packages and other miscellaneous housekeeping duties, this useful kitchen utensil is sometimes underappreciated.

A good pair of kitchen shears may be useful for a wide range of culinary duties, replacing a knife or cleaver in terms of ease and safety.

With the correct shears, you can cut up green vegetables, fresh herbs, and even get inside a turkey or bird.

The KitchenAid Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Kitchen Shears are our top selection. They are excellent value for money while also providing excellent quality and should last you at least a year or two if properly cared for. Although they lack a bottle opener and a nutcracker, we enjoy their simplicity and efficiency as traditional shears.

What Are Kitchen Shears Best Used For?​

A good pair of kitchen shears contains two sharp blades for slicing difficult foods like entire chickens, lobster tails, and shrimp shells.

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Other gadgets in the handle of certain kitchen shears include a bottle opener, a pair of jar lid grasping teeth, and a nutcracker.

Most individuals lack the grip strength to shatter a set of kitchen shears, and if they don’t work, you can use a knife instead.

Kitchen shears must be stored in the knife block. If you have youngsters, they could be tempted to utilize this multipurpose tool for tasks. The cutting capacity of kitchen shears, on the other hand, is sharper than that of many utility scissors, and the grip may pinch unwary fingers.

Keep these shears away from children unless they are properly supervised.

Top 5: Best Kitchen Shears & Scissors

We discuss our top five kitchen shears with a selection of the finest on the market at various pricing points. From standard kitchen shears to specialist poultry shears, our evaluations will assist you in selecting the best tool for your requirements.

1. J.A. Henckels International Kitchen Shears

One aspect to consider when buying a pair of kitchen shears is whether or not they can be separated for simple cleaning.

Some types are permanently joined, making cleaning and drying more difficult, but others quickly split into two distinct blades, making it simple to wash them down and properly dry them.

This J.A. Henckels pair is unbreakable. They are held together permanently with a screw. It may be bothersome for fastidious users to attempt to clean them thoroughly, but for others, it may not be a decisive issue.

These shears are reasonably priced and have a micro-serrated blade that keeps them from slipping while cutting oily or difficult materials.

For extra convenience, there is a bottle opener positioned between the handle and the blades, and the serrated section in the handle may be used to open screw tops or split nuts.

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The blades are made of stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant, but not all stainless steel is created equal; there are several different grades.

Some users have reported that these shears rust quickly. They may last a bit longer if you take excellent care of them, such as drying them immediately after hand washing.

The two looped handles are common and pleasant for users of either hand.

J.A. Henckels has designed a simple pair of shears that will suffice for most culinary duties. These shears are razor-sharp and should be able to cut through bird bones.

A typical issue with many shears is that they loosen at the attachment and must be replaced. Henckels has a screw to adjust the tension, however this may break after one or two years, requiring you to purchase a new set.

That shouldn’t be a problem at this pricing. Consider this pair if you’re searching for a solid, all-around kitchen shears at a reasonable price.

2. OXO Good Grips Spring-Loaded Poultry Shears

These OXO spring-loaded chicken shears are specifically intended for poultry cutting.

While many people advocate using a cleaver to cut up birds or turkeys, keep in mind that cleavers need a lot of effort and will cut through anything is in front of them.

If you’ve never used a cleaver to chop chicken, a solid pair of shears will provide you with a sharp edge as well as a firm grip to hold your chicken while you cut.

Purchasing a whole chicken is often less expensive than purchasing pre-cut breasts or legs, plus roasting a whole chicken makes for a delicious supper. However, dealing with raw chicken may be a tricky business. Using a good set of these shears will help keep you safe from unpleasant wounds.

The OXO shears, like the Fiskars Butcher Shears below, do not have two handle loops; instead, they have one loop and one straight handle with a bolster to keep your hand from sliding down the blade.

When chopping chicken, you may need to get into some difficult-to-reach spots at awkward angles; here is where tapered blades come in help.

When you’re chopping away at a huge bird, the spring really makes a difference. It prevents hand strain and fatigue by snapping the blades open again for the next cut.

The spring may not open the handles as wide as some people would like, so you may lose a little adaptability with this pair of shears.

Unlike the Henckels, these shears may be disassembled for cleaning and sharpening; nevertheless, they must be hand washed.

OXO has done an excellent job of creating a robust and durable set of kitchen shears that can withstand long-term, heavy-duty usage and should be able to handle the toughest of chicken or turkey bones.

However, keep in mind that you may need to replace them after one or two years owing to spring failure.

Overall, we suggest these OXO shears if you need something to assist you cut through difficult turkeys or birds in the kitchen. They should endure a long time and be both pleasant and safe to use.

3. MAIRICO Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears

The MAIRICO heavy durable kitchen shears are typical designed shears with two loops at the bottom end of the price range.

These, like the Henckels, have a bottle opener and nutcracker, but the blades do not separate for sharpening or simple cleaning.

They are also not dishwasher safe, so you will have to put in a little extra work by handwashing to ensure nothing gets trapped between the blades.

Although they are marketed as heavy-duty shears, they do not live up to the expectation. Even when handled with child gloves, they may fade and corrode fast.

We do not suggest these shears for poultry since they have difficulty cutting through chicken wings, much alone bones.

The hinge is composed of plastic, which calls the lifetime of these MAIRICO shears into doubt, and the screw may loosen with time and cannot be tightened again.

Unfortunately, you get what you pay for with this pair of shears; the low price tag gets you a mediocre quality.

If you’re looking for something inexpensive and cheerful to accomplish some basic kitchen cutting duties, give them a try; however, we much like the KitchenAid shears below, which offer considerably superior quality for a comparable price.

4. KitchenAid Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Kitchen Shears

These KitchenAid shears have a similar basic design to Henckels and MAIRICO shears. The handle loops are of identical size, and the blades are securely attached together.

Although dishwasher safe, KitchenAid recommends handwashing to extend the life of the appliances and maintain them in good shape.

These shears are quite pleasant to use; the loops are somewhat bigger than those of the other brands tested, making them ideal for persons with larger hands, and they are coated with a soft grip coating.

A handy plastic guard is offered to shield little hands from the razor-sharp micro-serrated blades.

These shears have a nice appearance, but they don’t have any other functionality like bottle openers or nutcrackers.

However, if you’re searching for a low-cost pair of scissors that will cut through steak or chicken as effortlessly as paper or plastic, you’ll gladly forego those advantages.

We’re not sure how well they’d perform on harder bones since these KitchenAid shears aren’t billed as poultry shears.

Unlike some of our older versions, the stainless steel seems to be of higher quality and resists corrosion for an extended period of time.

For home cooks searching for a long-lasting, powerful, high-quality pair of shears at a low cost, they are ideal; you can even afford to buy a second set for the garden or workshop!

5. Fiskars Heavy-Duty Butcher Shears

These Fiskars Heavy-Duty Butcher Shears are identical to the OXO Poultry Shears mentioned above.

Instead of two finger loops, there is just one loop and one long curved handle, and the blades bend dramatically to provide access to hard-to-reach areas.

The specifically designed handle contains unique softgrip touchpoints that are intended to provide a little of additional comfort in regions that may normally cause discomfort or friction during lengthy cutting sessions.

The blades are good and sharp and serrated to provide you a little more accuracy when dealing with meat, poultry, fish, bone, and fat.

The spring-action mechanism pops the blade open to reduce fatigue, and there’s a power notch for cutting through thicker bones.

We like the extra protective sheath to keep sharp blades secure from inquisitive small hands, as well as the intelligent design that lets us to remove the safety lever with only one hand.

The blades are dishwasher safe and disassemble for simple cleaning.

Normally, we would consider this a tremendous plus, but sadly, it turns out to be the primary disadvantage of the Fiskars shears.

They come apart instantaneously if you open them too wide, which you will do a lot while working through tough meat. This is not only unpleasant, but it may also be hazardous if you have children or dogs around.

This design fault is a real pity since these shears do an excellent job of addressing even the hardest meat and bones, albeit they sometimes struggle with chicken skin.

Consider acquiring a set of Fiskars Heavy-Duty Butchers Shears if you are looking for shears that will fit in with your meat-cutting demands and can get over the inconvenience of them breaking apart on a frequent basis.

Final Thoughts

A sturdy set of kitchen shears may provide a varied cutting edge or double as a clamp when working on a huge job.

While many varieties of meat may become slippery when handled, you can manage even huge portions of meat for cutting with a decent set of kitchen shears and a firm hold on a breastbone or neck bone. This reduces the number of cuts you must make with your kitchen knife and lowers your chance of injury.

The KitchenAid Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Kitchen Shears are an excellent option for any kitchen, unless you want a heavy-duty pair for butchering meat, in which case we prefer the Friskars Heavy-Duty Butcher Shears.

With a pair of herb scissors, you may enjoy a delightful dinner from the main protein course to the fragrant herb garnish.


How do I choose kitchen shears?

What to search for
With few cracks where food might gather, the architecture is solid and balanced.
The shears should open and shut with minimal effort if they have a smooth movement.
Handles should be comfortable to hold.

What are the best scissors ever?

1 iBayam 8′′ Ultra Sharp Scissors – Overall Winner.
2 LIVINGO 8″ Titanium Scissors – The Strongest.
3 Westcott 5′′ Straight Craft Scissors with the Sharpest Blade.
4 Scotch 6-Inch Precision Scissors – Professional Grade.
5 Beaditive High Precision Scissors Set – Smallest Size.

What metal is best for kitchen scissors?

Kitchen shears are no exception to having dull cutlery. Blades of the best shears are generally constructed of high-carbon stainless steel for a razor-sharp edge. Even better, this material may be kept sharp with a whetstone knife sharpening stone, assuring its longevity.

Who makes the best household scissors?

OXO Kitchen and Herb Scissors from Amazon are the best overall. Go to the Review section.
Amazon has the best price on KitchenAid All-Purpose Shears. Go to the Review section.
Jenaluca Herb Scissors from Amazon are the best for herbs.
OXO Grips Spring Loaded Poultry Shears from Amazon are the best for poultry.
Shun Multi-Purpose Shears from Amazon are the best multipurpose shears.

Why are Japanese shears the best?

They dominate the professional hairdressing and barbering scissor industry with brands like as Yasaka, Juntetsu, Hikari, Joewell, Ichiro, and others. The popularity of Japanese hair scissors may be attributed to: Steel of the highest quality. Manufacturing that is dependable and of excellent quality.

What is a good pair of shears?

The 7 greatest hair shears and scissors to purchase
Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series 6.5″
Hairdressing Shears Sanguine Professional 5.5″
ULG Hair Thinning Scissors 6.5″
Scissors, Jaguar Lane 5.5 Inch.
Styling shears Tweezerman Spirit 2000.
Cricket Xpressions Shear.
Razor made of feathers.

Which is better titanium or stainless steel scissors?

Because titanium is molecularly stronger than steel, scissor blades can be honed to a considerably sharper edge than steel, and even a thinner kerf blade can keep its form better than steel. Titanium scissors are not only stronger than steel, but they may also be sharper.

Are expensive scissors worth it?

Yes, the steel’s quality is important. Craftsmanship and specific forging of the shear design further increase to the cost. However, the increased production expenses are just not as big as the better grade shears’ price suggests.

Are Japanese scissors the best?

Japanese haircutting scissors are often regarded as the finest in the world. They are handcrafted in Japan by expert artisans who have spent decades refining their technique.

What is the middle of kitchen scissors for?

Kitchen shears typically have one serrated and one sharp blade. The serrated blade is essential for gripping slippery skin and flesh and securely cutting through a bird.


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