10 Muscle-Building Fundamentals You Need to Learn

Maximize Muscle Building

Your muscles expand as your body synthesizes more protein. However, your body constantly requires protein for hormone production.

Eat More

Additional calories are needed along with protein. Use this formula to calculate your daily intake to gain 1 pound a week.

Work Big, Not Small

Bicep curls are pleasant, but you need to challenge your body to build muscle. Samuel recommends "multi-joint" motions for that.

Train Heavy

Heavy training works muscles eccentrically and concentrically. Heavyweight traveling down and up with control will destroy and regenerate muscles if done correctly.

Have a Drink First

Lifters who drank an amino acid and carbohydrate drink before working out had more protein synthesis than those who drank it after.

Don't Always Go Hard

Pick your spots to attack." Finish each workout feeling fantastic, not dead. Never exceed 12–16 sets in the weight room.

Down the Carbs After Your Workout

Post-workout meals with carbs increase your insulin levels,” adds Kalman, slowing protein breakdown. Banana, sports drink, peanut-butter sandwich.

Challenge Yourself with Progressive Overload

One component to muscle-building is training your muscles to handle increasingly difficult demands.

Maximize Time Under Tension

When you're bench pressing or curling a dumbbell, your muscles are under "tension" from the weight.

Sleep At Least 6 Hours

You workout hard, but you don't aware that your muscles recuperate and grow while you sleep. Muscle-building hormones are released at this time.