13 Dog Breeds That Are Wirehaired

Airedales are clever, independent, active, flexible, and characterful. They're affectionate with family yet distant with outsiders. Due to their strong will and intense prey drive

Airedale Terrier

Scottish little wirehaired terriers are playful, loving, and smart. These energetic canines are plenty of character. Border terriers love outdoor adventures with their owners.

Border Terrier

Brussels griffons are wire- and smooth-coated. Its thick beard distinguishes the coarse-coated form. Although initially bred as ratters in Belgium, their unusual look, devotion, and confidence rapidly attracted the elite.

Brussels Griffon

The popular dachshund has wire-haired, long-haired, and smooth coats. These low-slung German canines were intended to hunt badgers by excavating the sets. They come in normal and tiny sizes and are popular globally.


Jack Russels, usually smooth-coated, may have damaged coats. Though tiny, JRTs are not lapdogs. These canines are clever, energetic, stamina-filled, and determined.

Jack Russell Terrier

The German wirehaired pointer was created for its wiry coat and is a different breed from the German shorthaired pointer. Water-resistant, insulating, and protecting. Hunting in cold water, hard weather

German Wirehaired Pointer

Known as a gentle giant, the rough-coated Irish wolfhound is the tallest AKC-recognized dog breed. This devoted and friendly breed is tolerant and kind to kids despite their size.

Irish Wolfhound