7 Curly Shag Haircut Ideas That Will Let Your Ringlets Shine Out

Foxy Red Curly Shag.

Fair-skinned ladies with bright eyes look great in reds, and this sis effortlessly combines bouncy spirals and disheveled waves with her brilliant copper hair.

Big Hair, Don’t Care.

This curly shag with bangs that is bronzed is trimmed to emphasize the natural volume of the springy ringlets without making them seem too heavy.

Short Shaggy Curls.

This well-groomed, slightly rounded crop with a haphazard little fringe is a great example of how adorable short curly shag hairstyles can appear.

Cali Girl Shag.

This amazing haircut exudes a carefree California babe feel, from the sun-dried blonde to the tousled styling and beachy waves. It also astounds us with its luxurious texture.

Curly Wolf Cut for Long Hair.

Long-haired females are invited to join the wild, curly shaggy hairstyles that resemble the disheveled appearance of a wolf's mane as they continue to be popular in 2024.

‘80s Curly Mid-Length Shag.

This is a contemporary interpretation of the large, soft curls that A-list celebrities like Brooke Shields wore in the 1980s, when volume, layers, and perms were huge.

Cascading Curls with Deep Bangs.

Bangs and shaky hairstyles nearly always go together, but this combination gives a more dramatic take on a curly fringe, which optically accentuates the height and fullness of the hairdo.