7 Dumbbell Exercises to Build Back Strength and Muscle

Dumbbell Row

Some of the finest back workouts target the lats and rhomboids, such the dumbbell row. Keeping your hips and shoulders square to the ground can increase core strength, too.

Incline Row

The incline row, one of the harshest row variants, follows the dumbbell row. Instead than lifting the weight with muscle, typical dumbbell rows might lead to torso rocking.

Elevated Plank Row

Keep a plank stance during the basic row for core work. You'll engage your back muscles like a dumbbell row, but you'll have to resist rotating forces to stay on the bench. It's a versatile exercise that gives you a fuller workout.

Dumbbell Pause Romanian Deadlift

That's true, but deadlift variants work your spinal erectors, low back, and even your delts and traps. Deadlifts need proper upper body form to minimize energy loss and injury, making back muscles crucial to a good rep.

Dumbbell Pullover

This classic bodybuilding exercise targets lats, chest, shoulders, and core. Working from the appropriate overhead bench posture prevents your ribcage from flaring as you rep. Be careful not to overextend your shoulders.

Incline Pause Row

Working unilaterally will burn your core if you follow the video above. However, the back should be the main emphasis, and the last set of rows following isometric exercises should spotlight the back squeeze.

Renegade Row

The traditional renegade row works your upper body well. You work your chest and triceps during pushups. As you push up and row the dumbbell toward your hip, you crush your abs and work your lats and rhomboids, concluding with a plank row.