7 Low Porosity Hair Tips You Shouldn't Go Without

Aqua products are hair's best friend. Use mild milk or spray leave-in conditioners like PATTERN's Hydrating Mist. Reduce accumulation with lighter gels.

Use water-based products

To hydrate low-porosity hair, use a lightweight leave-in conditioner with humectants like honey, aloe vera, and glycerin.

Use a lightweight leave-in conditioner

You should pamper yourself on wash day, so give your hair a pre-poo treatment. Applying oil or deep conditioning before shampooing is called pre-poo.

Try a pre-poo treatment 

Products work best on wet, but not soaked, hair. After the water evaporates, your natural hair style products will set.

Apply products to damp hair 

Remember that tightly packed cuticles indicate low porosity hair. Washing hair with warm water opens the cuticle.

Wash your hair with warm water

Steam your hair to let a deep conditioner, oil treatment, or mask like PATTERN's Treatment Mask hydrate and moisturize your natural curls.

Steam your hair 

Self-care includes a good bedtime routine. While you sleep, protect your curly hair in addition to your skincare routine.

Protect your hair at night