7 Of The Unhealthiest Subway Sauces And Toppings

Regular mayonnaise

Since Subway sandwiches are usually cooked without any additional moisture, mayonnaise is a terrific method to give everything a little creaminess. Few sandwiches can be made better without it.


Only a few Subway restaurants serve giardiniera, but if your neighborhood store does, you could find yourself tempted. This traditional Italian relish is a staple on many sandwiches and may give a Subway sandwich a depth

Peppercorn ranch sauce

The addition of peppercorn ranch sauce elevates the dish. This sauce, exclusive to Subway, takes a traditional creamy ranch and gives it a kick of unique peppery spices that really cut through the dressing's viscosity.

American cheese

Without cheese, a Subway sandwich is nothing in the eyes of many. There are a several topping alternatives available at the chain, but American is probably the most well-liked.

Sweet onion teriyaki sauce

You may add fresh flavors to your sandwich using Subway's sauces; their sweet onion teriyaki sauce is one of the best examples. Squirt some in to give the dense-tasting meats and cheeses on sale some additional taste depth

Frank's RedHot Buffalo sauce

Given that Frank's RedHot is one of the most well-known hot sauce brands in the United States, it makes sense for Subway to join the trend and carry it in its restaurants.

Pepper jack cheese

Since almost everyone adores pepper jack cheese, Subway has responded by adding it to its core menu as a topping for sandwiches. But when it comes to cheese selections