7 Things You Need To Know Before Buying An Air Purifier

Outline Your Needs

Before researching technical specs, list your air purifier needs. Will you use it to absorb dust and poisons in the bedroom or kitchen to fight smoke?

Choose the Right Filtration System

All air cleansing is done by air purifier filters. Purer air comes from better filters that absorb different impurities.

Consider the ACH and CADR Ratings

ACH (air changes per hour) measures air purifier efficiency. A room's air purifier's capacity to recirculate contaminated air after cleaning it.

Check Cleaning Requirement and Maintenance Cost

How often you clean or change the air purifier's filters will require extra care and expenditure.

Consider Noise Level and Energy Consumption

Air purifiers with excessive noise levels are uncomfortable to use and may only be used during the day. Make sure the machine you purchase isn't louder than 40-50 dB.

Smart Features

Air quality monitoring, Wi-Fi connectivity, and adjustable timers distinguish smart air purifiers from traditional ones.

Certifications and Warranty

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