7 Traditional Colombian Drinks to Try When You Visit

This chilly, pleasant drink is created with mashed lulos, lime juice, water, sugar, and ice from El Valle, Colombia. The exotic fruit lulo, called naranjilla in Ecuador and Panama, is popular in Colombia.


Guarapo is a Latin American drink prepared with raw, crushed sugarcane juice, water, ice, and limes. Selling vendors usually use a metal sugar cane press to extract the juice on the spot.


Colombian refajo is a drink prepared of Colombiana soda, light lager, and occasionally aguardiente. In a cold pitcher, all ingredients are blended without stirring.


Spiced canelazo is appreciated in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Argentina. There are several variations of the drink, but it commonly contains cinnamon water


Avena Colombiana is a creamy summer drink from Colombia. After soaking overnight, oats are cooked in milk and water with cinnamon, cloves, and sugar.

Avena Colombiana

Aguapanela, a non-alcoholic drink from Colombia, is popular in Central and South America. Basic aguapanela contains water and unrefined cane sugar.


Coca leaves or teabags steeped in hot water make mate de coca. This ancient drink is sometimes used to relieve altitude sickness and energize owing to its tiny alkaloids.

Mate de coca