8 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors for Flawless Application

Simplehuman Trio Makeup Mirror

This mirror is perfect for putting on makeup. Can be charged? Yup. Touch controls for brightness? Of course. It turns on by itself when your face gets close to the sensor

Riki Loves Riki 5X Skinny Lighted Mirror

The Riki Loves Riki 5X Skinny Lighted Mirror agrees that you should take 15 to 30 pictures between each step of your makeup process. You can just put your phone in the phone case.

Ilios Lighting Beauty Ring

The Ilios Lighting Beauty Ring is a vanity mirror that can do everything. It's great for professionals, people who want to become professionals, and novice beauty artists with a lot of extra cash. Made by masters in lights

Fancii Vera Chrome

We might have raised an eyebrow if you had asked us yesterday if a mirror could be hot. But that was yesterday, before we got our hands on the Fancii Vera Chrome.

Lune+Aster Rechargeable LED Compact Mirror

If the front-facing camera on your phone isn't good enough for touch-ups while you're on the go, get the Lune+Aster Rechargeable LED Compact Mirror instead.

Impressions Vanity Hollywood Tri-Tone Plus LED Makeup Mirror

The Impressions Vanity Hollywood Wall Mounted Tri-Tone Plus LED Makeup Mirror is a mix of old tech and new style. This thin mirror is lined with LED bulbs and has a 5X magnifying part.

Fenchlin White Vanity Mirror

The Fenchlin White Vanity Mirror is kind of like how we thought things would be in the future when we were kids. Yes, there aren't any flying cars in the sky (yet), but it's 2024, so

Conair Lighted Makeup Mirror

The Conair Lighted Makeup Mirror has just the right amount of extras. This LED desk mirror can be charged and is bright, nice-looking, and can be customized.