8 Calmest Cat Breeds for Laid-Back People


Birmans have four white paws, blue eyes, and darker “points” on their face, ears, legs, and tail. Birmans are calm and caring, making them good pets for peaceful homes.

British Shorthair

British shorthairs are affectionate but not demanding or clingy, making them perfect family pets. This gentle, laid-back cat gets along with youngsters and other pets.


The coat is constantly blue-gray and has silver hair tips, giving it an iridescent luster. Well-mannered, calm, quiet, and sociable Chartreux cats are great family pets.

Exotic Shorthair

Some call the exotic the “lazy person’s Persian” since it’s easier to maintain than the thickly coated Persian. Exotic shorthairs are calm, kind, quiet, and affectionate like Persians.


Himalayan a color division of the Persian breed; TICA considers it a unique breed. Himalayans are friendly, cuddly, and get along with most humans and pets.

Maine Coon

They play well with respectful children and get along with other cats and mild canines. Maine coons are curious and outgoing, enjoying family life.


Their calm, friendly, and gentle nature may explain why the Persian is the most popular purebred cat breed in the US. Even Persian cats meow sweetly. They love cuddling, pets, and watching their family go about their daily lives.


Ragdolls are great with youngsters and other pets. Ragdolls are affectionate and friendly, making them great family pets.