8 Epic Things to Do in Yellowstone National Park

There are numerous things to do in Yellowstone, but I love seeing the Grand Canyon and Lower Yellowstone Falls.

1. See Lower Yellowstone Falls

You can't visit Yellowstone without seeing Old Faithful. For millennia, this geyser has erupted far into the sky, a marvel. Eat at the Old Faithful Inn before visiting the geyser to see its power. 

2. Admire Old Faithful

 Walk the boardwalks of this exotic hot spring and peek into its depths while reading interpretative signs explaining how it was formed and what's happening beneath your feet.

3. Explore Grand Prismatic Spring

In the Lamar Valley, as elsewhere in the park, wildlife is best seen at sunrise and dusk. Summer bear jams occur when tourists seek out grizzlies.

4. Wildlife Spotting in Lamar Valley

While the Lamar Valley has more animals, the Hayden Valley may have better bison, elk, and bear sightings. I recommend finding a position here after sunset to see the golden light flow down the valley and search for wildlife.

5. Discover Hayden Valley

Mammoth Hot Springs, as shown below, is a remarkable hot spring that has drawn visitors for years. Geothermal action beneath the surface forms these fascinating spring terraces.

6. Marvel at Mammoth Hot Springs

Biscuit Basin, buried in the Upper Geyser Basin, is equally impressive as Old Faithful but less popular. The hot springs' exotic colors will wow you as you cruise the basin boardwalk.

7. See the Wonders of Biscuit Basin

The show's star is Old Faithful, known for its dependability and impressive outbursts. Cast members like Castle, Grotto, and Grand Geysers each have their own appeal and curiosity.

8. Explore the Upper Geyser Basin