8 Foods You Should Be Eating Raw


As a child, you may have been instructed to eat broccoli, but not that it's better uncooked. Cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, inflammation, depression.


Additionally, onions are alliums, which contain antiplatelet compounds that help protect cardiovascular disease. According to a Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry research, whole, quartered.


Garlic, another antisocial food, is an allium vegetable with antiplatelet agents like onions, however heat affects its cardiovascular disease-fighting qualities.


You undoubtedly know blueberries are healthy, but how healthy? Flavonoids are antioxidant powerhouses. All those advantages are guaranteed by eating them uncooked.

Red bell peppers

Roasted peppers a fast, simple complement to any meal, but you may prefer them raw. Red bell peppers provide almost quadruple the vitamin C of an orange and improve your immune system, but heat may damage it.


Kale, a cruciferous vegetable, contains glucosinolates, which react with myrosinase to form a disease-fighting chemical. However, a 2016 Frontiers in Nutrition study found that heat inactivates myrosinase.


Some are surprised to learn that beets may be eaten uncooked. Actually, that makes them healthier. Five important vitamins, calcium, iron, potassium, and protein are in beets.