8 Fun Summer Activities to Plan With Your Pet 

1. Book Doggy Day Care

Are you going to be gone for hours this summer? You don't want to leave your pets alone while running errands or going to the pool. Dog daycare puts your mind at ease by ensuring your pets are in good hands.

2. Attend Pet-Friendly Social Events

Life organization needs time and effort throughout the year. Summer is harder due to kids being out of school and warm weather travel. Pet-friendly social events are usually well-planned.

3. Run Errands Together

Your pets only want to be with you. However, running errands with kids can be difficult. Some pet-friendly options simplify pet ownership.

4. Relax on a Patio

Summer is refreshing after months spent indoors avoiding the cold. This generally means dining outside as much as possible. It takes some forethought to bring your dog to the meal.

5. Head Out on a Hike

Need to exercise your crazy dog? Maybe you're attempting to figure out your greatest workout. Hiking is the best solution. Pack weather-appropriately. On a hot day, a shorter path may be better. 

6. Transform Your Backyard

Kids' swimwear and pool fun made many summer memories. A nice summer day now includes that. The same goes for your pet (without the bikini, unless you want it). Buying a pet-friendly kiddie pool is enough.

7. Plan a Road Trip

Most pets should be fine for a few hours. Next, consider breaks for your pet to use the toilet. Then comes the fun. There may be pet-friendly accommodations and outdoor activities. 

8. Visit a Farmer’s Market

Weekend mornings are ideal for getting fresh produce with your dog. Farmers markets are pop-ups with local sellers selling goods. Some carry bandanas, dog snacks, and toys.