8 Hair-Care Hacks for Any Summer Adventure

1. Hold the Heat, Not the Volume

Summertime hairstyling should be heat-free. Holding the heat doesn't mean sacrificing volume and lift! Enjoy this heat-free hair hack: Lift Me Up Hair Thickener instantly revitalizes flat hair. 

2. Keep Chlorine Out, No Swim Cap Required

To avoid chlorine absorption. Plant-based butters and oils melt into hair to bind cuticles and moisturize strands against chlorine damage.

3. Detox Your Beach-Day Scalp in 1 Step

Its innovative built-in massaging applicator deeply cleans and cools and soothes the scalp with menthyl lactate, refreshing and stimulating it.

4. Shield and Hydrate with No Remorse

Applying gooey sunscreen to our hair isn't feasible or advised! Use one of our favorite travel hair tips to fight back: No other product hydrates, protects.

5. Grab Your Hair and Scalp Summer Lifesaver

Summer's harsh weather can damage our hair slowly. Our Superpower Fortifying Hair & Scalp Serum will nourish your scalp and hair follicles to enhance aging hair. 

6. Get a Pre-Trip Trim

Pre-trip trims ensure healthy endings! Traveling with this hair hack helps keep your hair healthy and prevent splitting. If you've been considering going shorter for summer but haven't, getting a fresh trim.

7. Pack Travel-Size Hairstyling Products

It includes 2 oz of our best-selling volumizing shampoo, conditioner, and butter masque in a stylish neoprene travel bag! 

8. Bring an Extra Toothbrush to Fix Flyaways Fast

Fluttery hair requires a backup toothbrush! You may apply your favorite hairspray or smoothing product.