8 Hairstyling Hacks to Hide Thinning Hair

With bangs, tie hair in a loose, low ponytail at the nape of the neck. To add volume, dry bangs with a broad round brush and sweep them to either side "Pierre Michel Salon Co-Director Jerome Lordet advises.

Side-Swept Bangs

The age-old tip of using a headband to hide thinning around the hairline works every time. You may modify the breadth and design to suit your look or coverage needs.


James and Fitzsimons advocate a top knot to disguise hair loss for naturally curly hair. "This style is best for those with a recession patch in the crown," explains celebrity hairstylist Venner James.

Top Knot

Celebrity Hairstylist & Dyson Global Styling Ambassador Matt Collins advises against center parts, especially if your hair is thinning at the top. 

Flipped Over Side Part

Caesar cuts (flat wraps) are short haircuts with slight front bangs. James proposes this haircut to hide hair loss by combing over receding areas. Shape hair with mousse or gel. 

Caesar Cut

Collins says shorter, blunter hair appears fuller. He explains, “If your experiencing hair loss chances are there is already texture in your hair, so there is no need to add this.” “Be blunt as possible.”

Blunt Bob

If you have natural curls, twist-outs can mask hair loss. James recommends splitting hair into 8–10 parts. Apply a liberal curling pomade part by section before twisting. 


Collins believes front-of-hairline and temple hair loss is most common. Therefore, subtle face framing layers will make any sparse area look meaningful. His advice is to style hair softly wavy to generate volume.

Face-Framing Layers