8 Most Popular Companion Birds as Pets

The ordinary parakeet, or budgerigar, is clever and energetic and requires less room and upkeep than bigger birds, making it a great companion for kids or beginners. These little birds need the same care as their larger counterparts.


These medium-sized birds are great pets. These Australian parrots are recognized for their remarkable whistling and singing. Many cockatiels choose to whistle and imitate phone rings, even if they can converse.


Finches and canaries take up less room than other pet birds, with most measuring five inches or less. Finches and canaries are softbills or waxbills, unlike parrots, which have hard hookbill beaks.


These gorgeous small birds should not be disregarded in favor of bigger, more demanding parrots since lovebirds have the intellect and personality of macaws.


Monk parakeets are little parrots. It is recognized for building vast word and phrase vocabularies. The more you talk about your cage activities, the more this bird will learn to emulate them.

Monk Parakeet

Doves are kind and kind. Softbill doves seldom bite or injure their beaks like hookbill parrots. However, calm and good socializing and bonding with these birds always helps.


Parrotlets from Ecuador and Peru are genetically closest to the Amazon parrot. These small birds have the same temperament and intellect as their bigger relatives.


African Grays are among the smartest birds, possessing vast vocabularies. Due to their intelligence, these birds are demanding pets that get bored and unhappy if not entertained for at least five hours every day.

African Gray Parrot