8 Most Youthful Haircuts for Women Over 50

Think about lengthier center-parted bangs swept to both sides like Heidi Klum if you adore the face-framing potential of bangs but aren't ready to commit totally.

Long with Soft Fringe

One of the simplest short haircuts to maintain is a one-length bob, which looks fantastic on almost everyone. Jennifer Garner's cut is likewise made more open-faced by the lighter ends.

Sleek Bob

A side-swept hairstyle is an easy way to change up your regular look without actually getting your hair cut! Bonus: It complements both straight and wavy hair well.

Long Combover

Thanks to her long face-framing layers that are highlighted in a slightly lighter tone than the rest of her hair, Jennifer Aniston's characteristic style will give your appearance a touch of warmth and brightness.

Face-Framing Pieces

Octavia Spencer's graduated bob's subtle layers and varying lengths accentuate her collarbones and facial features. Even the appearance of sharper angles is created by the longer pieces in front.

Graduated Bob

What makes a rounded bob so great? It suits almost all types of faces. Although Lucy Liu's hair naturally curves around her jawline, you can choose to accentuate certain characteristics more or less by varying the length of the style.

Rounded Bob

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Medium-Length Blowout

A long bob looks very good! It's really fashionable, low-maintenance, and adaptable. Julianne Moore has chosen to add gentle waves to her bob to give it some texture and movement.

Wavy Lob