9 Of The Best Pieces Of Gym Equipment For Seniors

The treadmill, one of the most widely used cardio machines in gyms, allows users to jog or walk indoors.


A wonderful low impact cardio machine that may be used in place of a treadmill is the elliptical, often called a cross trainer.

Elliptical / Cross trainer

A standard exercise cycle with a cosy and supporting seat and backrest is combined to create the recumbent exercise bike, a stationary cardio machine.

Recumbent Exercise Bike

Rowing on water is replicated in this full-body, low-impact cardio and strength training alternative, but you can easily change the resistance and tempo.

Rowing Machine

Resistance bands are elastic, flexible bands that are appropriate for all fitness levels. They are available in a variety of sizes and resistance intensities.

Resistance Bands

A stability ball is a large inflated ball that can be used for a variety of activities to activate the muscles of the core, balance, and stability. It is also referred to as a Swiss ball, yoga ball, or workout ball.

Stability Ball

The upper back and shoulder muscles are the focus of the seated back row.

Seated Back Row

A set of movable straps fastened to a steady point—typically a rig or pull-up bar—make up the TRX system.