8 Packing Tips: How to Pack a Suitcase for Vacation

Unlisted items may not fit in the suitcase. Make a packing list on your phone or computer to adapt for various travels. Clothing and medications should be on your list and crucial.

Make a List

The luggage regulations of various airlines vary. Are you bringing luggage? Big suitcase to check? Bring golf clubs. Know the airline's luggage costs and guidelines.

Know Your Limits

Some travel gurus advocate tightly rolling clothes instead of folding them in the bag. You may fit more in your bag this way. Rolling your clothes properly may avoid wrinkles.

Rolling or Folding Clothing?

If you're checking baggage with a friend, put some clothing in each other's suitcases. Thus, if the airline misdirects your or your companion's baggage, you may still wear part of your clothing.

Swap Items Between Bags

Separate clothes using fabric packing cubes or zip-lock bags in addition to rolling. Cubes or bags let you group related things or sort by outfit. Put shirts in one cube and pants in another.

Use the Cubes

The TSA requires liquid and gel carry-on baggage to meet the 3-1-1 guideline.1 That limits full containers to 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) in a 1-quart bag. It might be toothpaste, shaving gel, shampoo, mouthwash, or lotion.

The 3-1-1 Bag

It's easy to pack too much, so this is conventional packing advice. Multipurpose goods should be packed. Scarves may be worn as jewelry or as warming accessories on the aircraft and outdoors.

Lay Out Your Clothes – Then Put Half Away

Imagining what you neglected to bring might be stressful. However, you can usually buy shampoo or shoes at your location. To prevent the extra cost, pack adequate supplies.

Can You Buy it There?