8 Top Low-Maintenance Pet Bird Species


Doves are friendly birds who like spending time with their caregivers but also have fun on their own. Cleanup is simple since they're medium-sized birds.


As long as they have a large flying cage and a few pleasant flockmates, finches seldom need touching or playing. In fact, most finches prefer socializing with fellow finches


Canaries, another finch family member, are great pets for hands-off birders. Different canary breeds demand different care. To be healthy, these birds require a good meal, a cage to fly


Budgies love attention and connect with their caregivers like other parrots. However, they are simpler to entertain than bigger species.


Like budgies, cockatiels need daily playing outside the cage. However, they are less demanding than bigger parrots. They can occupy themselves for hours in a large cage with toys.


Lovebirds are another little, low-maintenance parrot with big appeal. A popular myth is that lovebirds must be kept in pairs, however solo lovebirds may fare well

Pionus Parrot

Pionus parrots are independent yet loyal to their caregivers. This makes them happy if left alone for hours. They like playing with toys and their caregivers.

Lineolated Parakeet

Sometimes mistaken for a budgie, the lineolated parakeet is one of the calmest members of the parrot family. They are quite social and need several hours of interaction with their caretakers each day