9 chair exercises for limited mobility

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Chair Stands (lower body and core)

Hold your core and arms across your chest. To stand, drive heels into the ground and clench glutes while maintaining your upper body tall. Keep a firm core, bend knees, and move hips to drop to the chair.

Heel Raises (calves)

At all times, maintain a tight core, a tall upper body, and flat feet. Lift your heels off the ground as you squeeze your calves deeply. Take a little pause, and then bring your heels back down to the ground.

Leg Extension (quadriceps/front of thighs)

Hold your core tight, stand tall, and keep your feet flat. Stretch out one leg while keeping the foot bent. Hold for one second while squeezing the quads, and then bring that leg back to the starting position.

Leg Lifts (hip flexors, core, quads)

Make sure your core is tight and bend one leg 90 degrees. Hold the angle at 90 degrees and lift one leg to almost hip height. After a second of rest, lower your leg back to where it started. Change sides.

Arm Circles (shoulders/traps)

Keep your core tight, upper body tall and place arms in a T position with a slight bend in the elbows. Circle arms backward until tired. Rest. Circle arms forward until tired.

Shoulder Press (shoulder, triceps, and traps)

Keep your core firm, posture erect, and arms at 90 degrees with palms pointing ahead. Shoulders and elbows should match. Raise arms above your head, bring them together, separate them, and return to 90 degrees.

Bicep Curls (biceps/front of forearms)

Keep your arms at your sides with palms facing away from you. Keep your core tight, shoulders down and elbows in. Refrain from moving your upper arms and keep your wrists straight.

Chest Flys (chest and shoulders)

Hold your arms at your sides with palms facing away from your body. While keeping your core tight, shoulders down and a slight bend in the elbows, move arms in front of you and bring palms closer together.

Seated Twists (core)

Keep your hands on your waist, your upper body tall, and your core tight. To turn your head to the left, twist your torso to the left, to the center, and to the right. To turn your head to the right, twist your torso to the center.