9 Functional Fitness Workouts to Build Strength

Bodyweight Squat

The main muscles worked during squats are the gluteus maximus, which pushes the hips forward, and the quadriceps, which straighten the legs. If your goal is to strengthen your butt, you should squat lower than 90 degrees

90s Transition

The 90s transition is a basic exercise that warms up the oblique abdominals while also increasing mobility in the legs, ankles, and hips. Although it's not quite a stretch, it's not too taxing and works best when included in your warm-up

Prisoner Get-Up

The prisoner get-up is a basic lower-body mobility exercise that develops your ability to lower yourself to the floor and get yourself back up using only your lower body without using your arms.

Jump Squat

Just like any other squat variation, jump squats target the quadriceps and glutes.  But unlike a weighted squat, hopping rapidly allows you to increase your power and activate your neural system more intensely without wearing

Jump Lunge

With the extra asymmetry of jump lunges, many of the benefits of jump squats are also present. As a result, they also stress your balance more and work the gluteus medius, or side of the butt, as well as the sides of the thighs.

Lateral Lunge

The lateral lunge is a wonderful warm-up or muscle-building exercise that stretches the inner thighs for increased leg flexibility and works the sides of the quadriceps and the butt.

Reverse Lunge

The hamstrings are more heavily worked during the reverse lunge than during other lunge variations, but otherwise, the same muscles are worked. Additionally, the action is a little counterintuitive, requiring your brain

Prone Swimmer

As you perform the prone swimmer exercise, your arms, shoulders, and wrists will move through their whole range of motion as well as a portion of it. For persons who have difficulty reaching behind their back, it is very helpful.


The inchworm is a resistance and mobility exercise that assesses your lower body endurance, upper body strength and endurance, and back and hamstring flexibility.