9 Popular Yoga Asanas To Try During Pregnancy

Stand tall and open your feet to match your shoulders. Bend one knee and stretch the other sideways. Keep a firm grasp to avoid slipping. Stretch your arm upwards from where you stretched your leg. Hold it straight and extend it over your head.

1. The Extended Side Angle Pose:

Stretch your legs in front of you while sitting comfortably. Bend your right knee and bring your right foot to the left. Put your right foot as high as possible on the left thigh.Put your right hand on your knee.

2. The Half Butterfly Pose Or Ardha Titali Asana:  

The asana relaxes legs and reduces fatigue. It also relieves inner thigh muscular tightness. Stretch your legs in front of you while sitting comfortably. Bring your soles together and bend your knees to contact.

3. The Full Butterfly Pose, Or PoornaTitali Asana:

The asana relaxes and massages your legs, hands, neck, spine, and abdominal organs. Stretch your legs in front of you and sit upright. Slowly inhale and raise your arms to shoulder level. Make sure hands face down.

4. The Twisted Pose, Or Vakrasana:  

Asana strengthens thigh and pelvic muscles. Stand upright with your feet 12 inches apart and parallel. Inhale gently and raise your heels. Push your shoulder-level arms up. Make sure your hands face down.

5. The Chair Pose Or Utkatasana:

Lying on your back, extend your legs forward. Keep your knees together. Fold right knee at posterior side. Keep the stance as long as you're comfortable and switch sides. Straighten your legs and repeat with your left.

6. The Ham s Pose With One Or Paryankasana:

The asana will aid digestion and avoid constipation, a typical pregnant symptom. It also relaxes leg muscles. Lying on your stomach, lay your fingers beneath the head. Bend your left leg to the side and pull the knee near to your ribs.

7. The Flapping Fish Pose Or MatsyaKridasan:

The asana will aid digestion and avoid pregnancy-related constipation. It also strengthens pelvic muscles. Sit kneeling on the floor. Join your large toes and arrange your heels apart. Sit in the center with your heels touching your hips.

8. The Thunderbolt Pose Or Vajrasana:

The asana strengthens thighs, uterus, back, and ankles. Keep your feet a meter apart and stand straight. Turn your toes out. Fingers locked, position in front of body. Do not strain hands. Bend knees and lower hips slowly.

9. The Squat And Rise Pose, Or Utthanasana: