9 Reasons Women Leave Their Relationship 

The husband may have loved her before, but the spark is gone. The woman may have recognized her man no longer loves her.

Her man may have lost interest

Women can be terrified by husband cheating news. A self-respecting lady may not want to live with a cheater. She tried everything to make her spouse happy, but he found love elsewhere.

Allegation of cheating

Nowadays, “Why do women leave men?” may stem from love. Despite being in love, they may no longer be interested. The woman may have recognized that the man she loved has changed.

Both have grown out of love

Codependency can be unpleasant and exhausting. Women might become codependent, while men can become too dependent on their wives. These situations may exhaust the lady emotionally and cause anxiety and tension.

A codependent relationship

Women in violent relationships can develop PTSD and anxiety, study shows. Men can abuse their partners physically, mentally, and psychologically. Domestic abusers make women's lives difficult. 

The husband is abusive

Women may leave their men due of trust concerns. Trust underpins all effective relationships. Trust issues in a relationship may effect everything. The relationship may deteriorate and fight more.

There are trust issues

In-laws might indirectly lead women to abandon males. If her in-laws are unsupportive, she may feel stifled and rejected. Groom relatives may pressure the wife.

The in-laws are not supportive

Over time, intimacy may fade. If one partner rejects intimacy, the other may suffer. If her husband doesn't provide her intimacy, she may leave. 

There is no intimacy between the couple

Inconsolable disputes can trigger modern divorces. Two persons may have distinct life goals. Sometimes couples, especially women, adjust, but it's impossible.

The differences are too much