9 Things Guests Actually Notice Right Away About Your House

Furniture and Layout

The layout, age, and style of your furniture will be noticeable to visitors. The arrangement of the furniture in your home can improve areas and draw in guests by promoting comfort and utility.

Technology and Gadgets

Visitors will be able to tell whether your home has integrated smart home technology or not, as well as how the entertainment systems in common areas work. 

Plants and Greenery

Indoor plants can improve the décor and air quality of your house. The plants inside and outside your home will be noticed by visitors. They "add texture and color to an environment," as well as "a sense of calmness and relaxation.

Art and Wall Hangings

Guests will find it interesting that you have chosen and arranged art in your home. One way to start a conversation is with unique pieces and collections that share a bit about your hobbies and life.

Flooring Choices

Your home's flooring can either conflict with or enhance its decor. Visitors will observe that living areas have rugs, tile, and flooring. For example, Persian rugs look great with antique or vintage furniture in your living room.

Natural Light and Windows

Visitors will observe how much and what kind of natural light is available in your kitchen, dining area, and living room during the day. The way the windows frame your driveway and lawn will also catch their attention.

Lighting and Ambience

Your home's lighting creates a mood. While poorly lit areas may feel gloomy and closed in, well-lit areas will feel welcoming and vibrant. Any seasoned designer will tell you that lighting is a crucial component when creating a room.

Pet Presence

Pet signs are obvious and tell guests if you're a dog or cat lover right away. Examples of these signs include bowls, toys, and beds. In addition, if there is hair on your furniture and flooring.

Book Collections and Shelves

Although "bookshelf wealth" has been all the rage on social media lately, books have always played a significant role in interior design. Visitors will take note of your bookshelves' existence, arrangement.