9 Ways to Make Money From Your Small Farm

Although it's not the most lucrative option, selling eggs is one of the simplest ways to begin making sales from your farm.

Egg Sales

Selling viable hatching eggs allows you to go one step further with egg sales. This is very effective if your breeds are in high demand.

Fertile Hatching Eggs

You gain more money with each step. To hatch your fertilized eggs, all you need is an incubator or a few broody hens.

Day Old Chicks and Ducklings

Raise broiler hens if you are not offended by the slaughterhouse. They can be ready to process in as little as 12 weeks due to their rapid growth.

Raising Broilers

Raising your own turkey during Thanksgiving will save you a lot of money compared to purchasing a commercially raised bird. 


Once you begin raising animals, there's a strong likelihood that you'll become skilled at creating and handling chicken wire.

Building Coops and Nesting Boxes

Beef grown on pasture is always in great demand. Raise a few cows for butchering, and then sell the ones you don't need.

Raising Beef

Similar to beef. I'm not the only one who enjoys getting my meat from a nearby farmer. Grow pigs for slaughterhouse use.

Her man may have 

You can milk goats if you own them or have an interest in them. After that, they can sell their milk or produce cheese.

Goat Milk