Are You Making These 6 Common Hairspray Mistakes?

Mistake #1: Using Too Much Hairspray

This mistake is so easy to make, especially when we're having a bad hair day! When our hair is unruly, it's tempting to force it into submission with a boatload of hairspray. The more, the better, right?

Mistake #2: Applying Hairspray on Wet Hair

Most hairsprays contain alcohol to help hair dry faster, so using them on wet hair can hurt it. When you use hairspray on wet hair, the alcohols in it don't evaporate, which can pull wetness out of our hair strands.

Mistake #3: Applying Hairspray Prior to Curling or Flat Ironing

Putting hairspray on your hair before treating it with heat can make it very dry, which can cause it to break and lose its shine and vibrancy. Another reason to wait to use hairspray on your hair after you've heated it?

Mistake #4: Using the Wrong Hold-Strength Hairspray for Women

Not every hairspray is the same! You can choose from a wide range of hold strengths, from soft to strong, and from constant spray to pump spray. Keep in mind that some hairsprays also give hair shine and structure.

Mistake #5: Spraying Hairspray the Wrong Distance from Hair

Holding the hairspray nozzle too close to your hair makes it easy to use too much hairspray, which can weigh your hair down and make it appear lifeless and lackluster. On the flip side, spraying your hair from too far away

Mistake #6: Re-Applying Hairspray Too Often

This common mistake ties in with using too much hairspray—you simply end up with too much product in your hair. The only difference this way is that it just may take a little longer to happen, especially if you’re applying