Blooming Gel Nail Art Turns Tips Into Trippy, One-of-a-Kind Masterpieces

Edgy cotton-candy vibe

Blue, pink, and purple growing gel were mixed together in this Y2K set with chrome accents to give it an edgy cotton candy vibe. Ruby stones were added to the top to make it shine even more. 

Nearly-neon blooming

Schüßleder used almost bright growing gel finishes to make flowers and butterflies with a retro look. Does this set make Lizzie McGuire look like she's giving?

Shades of purple 

The different shades of purple in this manicure look cool from a distance. But if you look more closely, you'll see French tips and blooms that look like tie dye.

Nostalgic vibes 

With growing gel, Smith made this set feel like it was from the past. We love this one's color scheme, which is cherry, orange, bubblegum pink, and snow white spots.

Tie-dyed Look

This nail art pattern looks like a tie-dyed dress that Smith saw. She added sparkling poppy red and sage green gel paint on top of a traditional white French manicure to make it look really fun and bright.

French manicure 

Smith got the idea for this flowery French manicure from a worm. After giving each tip a strong base, she added growing colors that went with them and then added black blobs for spots.

Multicolored floral blooming 

Tiny studs add a surprising sparkle to this flower-filled design. Imagine taking a trip to a warm place next year with these '70s-style nails.