The 7 Most Easiest Vegetables to Grow in the Home Garden


Lettuce can be sown directly in your garden bed or started indoors for transplanting. It’s one of the few crops that can be grown all year in our climate

Green Beans

Snap beans are easiest in chilly weather. Lima, southern peas, and asparagus beans thrive in heat. In warm, wet soil, all bean plants develop quickly.


Plant peas 2 weeks before your region's average last spring frost, if feasible. Sow cultivars with various maturity dates together to gather peas all summer.


Radishes may be planted alongside slower-growing veggies and collected in 24 days. Radishes may be planted as soon as spring soil is workable.


They only mention carrots since they're simple to cultivate in loose, sandy soil in spring and autumn . Some carrots are disease- and pest-resistant and purple to white.


Prepare the soil for cucumbers by adding nitrogen and potassium fertilizer to encourage their strong harvests. If feasible, grow cucumbers along a fence in the sun.


Kale, a superfood, is tough and can thrive in many climates. It may be collected at several stages, and the buds and blossoms are tasty! Mustards and collards are easy-to-grow kale relatives.