The 9 Major things to know before going to New York City

Manhattan is great. Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art are must-sees in NYC. Manhattan is only one of five boroughs, so don't stop there.

New York City is so much more than Manhattan

NYC Transit's five-borough subway and bus network is known for constant service and reliability.

You can take the train anywhere and everywhere

To avoid bumping people or taking up too much room, drop your backpack on the floor or swing it to your front.

Understand subway etiquette

With almost half a million bicycle journeys throughout the city daily, riding is a great way to explore. Want New Yorker mobility? Go biking!

Ride a bike

Most downtown businesses accept credit cards, although smaller shops and street vendors may only take cash.

Bring cash

New Yorkers speak like most Americans. However, much of our language is food-related.

Understand NYC lingo

Boston-born De Blasio claimed his method was genuine to his Italian origins, but New Yorkers criticized him even more.

Don't eat a slice of pizza with a knife and fork

Pizza, bagels, hot dogs, and pastrami on rye are our specialties, but being the most diverse city in the country, anticipate international cuisine.

From NYC classics to world foods, you should try it all

Although New York City is one of the most progressive, racial and gender discrimination still occurs.

Safety tips for visitors